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Verso L'Alto Blanket

Verso L'Alto Blanket

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To the heights! Verso l'alto! This phrase, coined and popularized by Pier Giorgio Frassati, reminds us to always set our sights on heaven. Frassati was an avid mountain climber and encouraged all around him to keep their sights set on the mountain tops.

Whether it is the top of a mountain or the heights of heaven, this young soon-to-be saint can inspire all of us to live for heaven. Frassati often found the Lord in nature, thus it is fitting that the background of this blanket is a stunning nature scene. A radiant blue sky is reflected on a glistening lake as the sun lights up the mountains.

May this blanket inspire you to make heaven your goal, not only in big tasks like climbing mountains, but in the day to day of serving the Lord through your daily works. Verso l'alto!

This blanket is available in two sizes: 50'' x 60'' and 60'' x 80''. Both are more snuggly and soft than you can imagine and will keep you warm all fall and winter long!

Blanket Details

  • 100% polyester
  • Soft silk touch fabric
  • Printing on one side
  • White reverse side
  • Machine-washable
  • Flame retardant

Disclaimer / Attribution

All artwork designs and styles on this website are the original work of Amanda/worthy of Agape. Furthermore, public, commercial, or any other use of these designs that goes beyond personal use is not allowed without expressed, written consent of worthy of Agape.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brian Brownsey

Nice item.. Well made

Talia B.

The blanket we recieved is amazing!! It's so soft and the picture is beautiful. My two boys like to fight over who gets to use "mom's blanket"! Can't wait to buy so so many more!