Open Ordering, Restocks, Other FAQ

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Q: Mass Sets - When are they available? Do you sell the items individually?

Answer: Mass Sets are offered as a complete set. Typically items are not sold individually as this is not cost effective. However, items are occasionally sold a la carte in flash sales on Instagram.

Please note that Mass Sets are only available twice a year (typically in advance of Easter and Christmas) and may not be sold at the same time as Open Ordering day(s). The best - and only - way to find out about Mass Set sale times are by signing up for the newsletter!

Mass Sets have a history of selling out within minutes, so be sure to sign up for the newsletter so you don't miss out!

Additionally, Mass Set FAQs are saved in my highlights on Instagram!

Q: How do I buy a Mass Set?

Answer: Mass Sets are sold on a first come, first served basis only. The listing for each size of Mass set will disappear until the appointed sale time, at which point it will be visible on the site and you can add it to your cart.

Tips for grabbing a Mass Set before they are sold out:

  1. Set an alarm!
  2. Bookmark the listing page for the set you want (The Basic, The Deluxe, The Ultimate). Please know that this link will appear not to work - refresh the page at the appointed sale time and it will show the listing as available for purchase
  3. Add any other items you may want to purchase to your cart BEFORE the Mass Sets are available - adding a Mass Set to your cart does not place it on hold for you. If others checkout before you do, the Mass Set in your cart may not be there when you are ready to check out
  4. Checkout as SOON as the Mass Set is in your cart!

Q: How long do items take to ship?

Answer: Payments are processed via PayPal or Stripe. Additionally this page (worthy of Agape) uses a secure server to further protect your information.

Processing time varies per item, so please refer to the description on the items you have purchased. 

Items will be grouped together to ship in the cheapest, and yet safest, way possible. Any shipping overages will be refunded to you in the event that shipping charges are not properly calculated upon checkout. 

Please note that apparel, blankets, and mugs ship separately from all other worthy of Agape purchases and those items' shipping times can vary. Typically those items are shipped 3-10 business days after the order is placed.

Q: What else can you tell me about the handmade items?

Answer: Every single wooden peg doll, Mass Set, keychain, and ornament is hand painted by Amanda. All items are made to be kid friendly - painted and sealed using certified non-toxic materials. Each peg is also easy to clean in case your child gets something stuck to it or attempts to color on it - ask me how I know ? Because each saint is hand-painted, there may be some slight variation in the lines or shading of each peg, which makes yours unique!

Each peg comes in a resealable plastic bag with a fact card about the saint's (or blessed's) life to help you get to know the saint better.​