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  • The Ultimate Mass Set

    The Ultimate Mass Set

    "The Mass set is gorgeous! Lots of personal touches and such great details to teach little ones all the names of the items they see at Mass. my son is absolutely beside himself with excitement at having “Jesus Mass” to play with at home. Thank you, Amanda!"

    — JuliaMarie

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  • All You Holy Men and Women Blanket

    "I absolutely love this blanket! The colors are so vibrant, the size is perfect, and it’s so soft. I can’t wait to start teaching my sister about the saints with it and research the ones I didn’t recognize."

    — Michelle

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  • Auspice Maria Stickers

    "I saw Amanda’s stickers on Instagram and was pleased to see she made the Auspice Maria’s in many varieties. They are unique and well made. She was a pleasure to do business with."
    — Elisa

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