Hi, there!

Amanda Sloan of worthy of Agape

I'm Amanda, the creative mind behind worthy of Agape.

I'm the wife of a full time Catholic missionary (yes, they do exist!), mama to four daughters, and self-professed 'saint nerd'.

When I got my Bachelor's degree in theology, I never imagined using that degree to start my own Catholic business. After working for nearly seven years in parish ministry, I left to be a stay at home mom...just before the Lord called us to missionary life.

It was through that mission work that we were anonymously gifted a set of saint peg dolls. After obsessing over them for months, I decided to try my hand at painting a few.

Before long I had a list of over 100 saints that I wanted to paint for my girls. As the saint peg dolls and supplies started taking over our small apartment, my husband, Anthony, encouraged me to open up shop. What started as a simple hobby has become my deep passion.

Since those early days of staying up way too late painting peg dolls, I have added play Mass sets, stickers, apparel, blankets, prints, and more to the shop!

The goal and purpose of worthy of Agape is simple:
to inspire you to raise and become saints.