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Traditional Latin Mass Set

Traditional Latin Mass Set

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Getting kids to pay attention in Mass is hard. Between sitting, standing, and trying to keep toes clear of someone who decided to THUMP the kneeler down, it is a challenge to get kids to focus on Jesus. 

Even more than paying attention in Mass, we want our kids to learn about and love the Mass - after all, it is central to our faith as Catholics.

How can you help your kids actually enjoy Mass? By uniting prayer and play, with your own wooden Mass set!

Adding a Mass set to your home gives kids the opportunity to ‘play’ Mass, to mimic the reverence and beauty of the liturgy in their own playtime. 

Imagine that all of your kids are quiet. Curious, you walk through the house to find that they’ve cleared a space, set an ‘altar’ and are playing Mass. You watch as they lift up the host, then the chalice, all the while praying. Next, they take turns coming up to receive ‘communion’. 

Suddenly you realize that they are paying attention at Mass, so much so that they want to re-live those experiences during their play time. At last, they have a quality set to play and pray with!

For years I watched my kids turn plastic cups and cheerios into chalices and hosts. I searched high and low before creating their very own wooden Mass set. When I saw their faces light up and begin processing around our apartment playing adoration, I knew I wanted to share these sets with families like yours. I can’t wait to bless your family with a set for prayer and play.

The Painted Traditional Latin Mass Set includes ALL of the following:

  • Organic Cotton Canvas Drawstring Bag with Tabernacle design
  • Altar Cards (3 cards, one large center card and two smaller side cards)
  • Chalice
  • Ciborium
  • 4 wooden hosts
  • Two Cruets + Lids
  • Lavabo dish
  • Six Candles & Candle Sticks
  • Candle snuffer
  • Monstrance
  • Thurible
  • Incense Boat & Spoon
  • Pall
  • Crucifix measuring 3.5’’
  • All wood pieces are 100% American milled wood

All items fit INSIDE the drawstring canvas 'tabernacle' bag for easy storage. This set makes a great gift for little ones learning about the Traditional Latin Mass!

Couple this set with the TLM Add On Package and you'll have hours of prayer + play!

Additionally, the Painted Traditional Latin Mass Set also includes an info sheet on each of the items with a bit of history and teaching. This set makes a great gift for little ones learning about the Mass! Each item is painted by hand, using only certified non-toxic paints and sealant.

When are Mass Sets restocked?

Mass Sets are restocked a few times throughout the year - newsletter subscribers get advance notice of restocks. Make sure you are in the loop by signing up here!

What are people saying about Mass sets?

Don’t just take our word for it: 

“The Mass set is gorgeous! Lots of personal touches…my son is beside himself with excitement!” - JuliaMarie

“We love it so much! Each piece is beautifully designed with intricate details, THANK YOU!” - Meghan

“Amazing and so perfect. I want to play with it before I give it to my grandson!” - Jill

Who are Mass Sets for?

Mass sets are perfect for children of all ages, though adult supervision is highly recommended for children under 3, as there are small pieces in the set. 

Mass sets are also great for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, parish religious education, and more. 

Wooden Mass parts are durable, and they also provide an opportunity for children to learn and pray wherever they are. These handcrafted and hand painted items allow children to connect with the liturgy in a new way. 

Additionally, in times where families cannot attend the celebration of the Mass, Mass sets allow children to remain close to the Blessed Sacrament in a prayerful, playful way. In addition, we also offer the Natural Wood Deluxe and Natural Wood Ultimate Mass Sets!


Each item in the set is assembled and painted by hand, so there may be slight variations in lines, edges, shading, or finish. This makes each and every item truly unique! All artwork designs and styles on this website are the original work of Amanda/worthy of Agape. Public, commercial, or any other use of these designs that goes beyond personal use is not allowed without expressed, written consent of worthy of Agape.

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Matthew B.

Beautifully crafted, our son will love this so much!


Excellently made and perfect for little hands! Our grandchildren will love this for Christmas!