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Green and White IHS Altar Cloth and Vestment Blanket

Green and White IHS Altar Cloth and Vestment Blanket

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Introducing our versatile and beautifully crafted Liturgical Blanket – a product that seamlessly blends spirituality and playfulness into one! This remarkable double-sided blanket serves three distinct purposes, making it an essential addition to your home, perfect for kids and adults alike.

  • Altar Cloth: Enhance your prayer space, or your kids’ Mass play time with these double-sided liturgical blankets. Lay it on your home altar as a beautiful altar cloth, creating an effortless spot for prayer and devotion. The design pays tribute to traditional altar cloths, adding a touch of the sacred to your prayer corner or home altar.
  • Play Vestments for Kids: Let’s face it, vestments for kids can be pricey, and with them you generally only get one liturgical color. These double sided blankets are more affordable, PLUS you get two liturgical colors in one blanket. Transform play time and boost your kids’ imagination with vestments that look like what Father wears on Sunday! Whether your kids are reenacting Mass or baptizing their baby doll, this vestment blanket adds authenticity and reverence to playtime. 
  • A Cozy Blanket: Whether the weather is chilly or you want to wrap yourself in the color of the season as you settle down to pray, these double sided blankets are sure to keep you warm and wrapped in prayer. The dual colors not only ensure comfort and beauty, but also allow you to choose the color of the proper liturgical season!

  • Our multi-purpose Liturgical Blanket is the perfect gift for children and adults, blending prayer and comfort seamlessly. It's a thoughtful present for baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, or simply to enrich your own saintly journey. 

    Additionally, these altar cloth/vestment blankets are an ideal complement to any of our signature Play Mass Sets, enhancing the experience of your little ones as they learn about the Catholic faith in an engaging and meaningful way.

    Elevate your prayer time, deepen your love of the liturgy, and enhance your playtime with the versatile and beautiful Liturgical Blanket. Embrace its warmth, celebrate its playfulness, and let it become an integral part of your prayer and family life.


    The IHS design is inspired by the monogram of Jesus. The phrase “IHS” dates back to the early centuries of Christianity and comes from the first three letters of the Greek name of Jesus, which is "ΙΗΣΟΥΣ". 

    “IHS” is commonly found in Catholic liturgical settings, such as on altar cloths, vestments, and sacred vessels. The phrase serves as a reminder of the centrality of Jesus in the Mass and Catholicism.

    Liturgical Colors

    Liturgical colors have a central role in the life and rhythm of the Catholic Church. Each color is rich in meaning, adding to the depth of the liturgy and our faith.

      • Green is associated with growth, life, and hope. It is used during Ordinary Time, which is divided into two periods in the liturgical calendar.
      • White is the color of purity, holiness, and joy. It is typically used during the seasons of Christmas and Easter, as well as for feasts of the Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the angels, and saints who were not martyrs. It symbolizes resurrection, new life, and the victory of Christ over sin and death.
        White vestments and altar cloths usually have gold elements in them as well. Gold symbolizes the glory, majesty, and splendor of God.

    Additional Info / Disclaimer

    Boys playing with the ‘vestments’ use these clips to help hold the vestments in place. They work well without wearing down the blanket, though we recommend removing the clips from the blanket / vestments when not in use. 

    Purchase of this listing does not include clips pictured, nor does it include a Mass Set. This listing is for the altar cloth / vestment blanket listed in the title only. Any additional items in the photos such as vestment clips, Mass sets, or other blanket designs will not be included with your purchase of this listing.

    Due to the differences in monitors and color settings on devices, some colors may appear different in person than on screen. Additionally, due to the printing process, some white color may appear / show through the color of the blanket - no refunds will be given due to this natural part of the printing process. 

    All artwork designs and styles on this website are the original work of Amanda/worthy of Agape. Furthermore, public, commercial, or any other use of these designs that goes beyond personal use is not allowed without expressed, written consent of worthy of Agape.

    .: Material: 100% polyester
    .: Available in 3 sizes
    .: Two-sided print
    .: 2" stitched edge
    .: NB! Strands of white fabric may be partly visible under the print surface

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