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Happy Friday y’all!


Oh my goodness…I can hardly believe that I *should* hear back from the publisher I submitted the book proposal to in about two weeks! I sometimes try not to think about it or else I’d go nuts with crazy thoughts of “What if it actually gets published?!” and “What if they reject it/me?!” The “what if’s” are enough to drive a girl insane if she really thinks about it too much. And yet, here I am, 6 weeks after submitting a book proposal and there is nothing I can do about it now…except pray. And ask you to pray for it, for the people reviewing the book proposal and for the souls that will *hopefully* someday be touched by the book.


Speaking of prayer requests, this week was a pretty rough week at work, and super stressful (more so than the Confirmation retreat was). Without getting into all of the hairy/political details, if you could spare a prayer for me and my job, and the youth programs at my parish, I would really appreciate it.


Just in case I haven’t said it enough lately, I love the wonderful world of blogging. In recent months it has allowed me the opportunity to meet and “meet” (in the virtual sense) some truly amazing people. I was, to borrow one of her phrases, tickled pink when Hallie Lord “liked” my post, “dear future Love” on Facebook! Her blog is fabulous and such a fun and uplifting read! (Also, if you missed it, be sure to check out this Wednesday’s post, which was my 200th blog, where I wrote another letter to my sweet future husband!) When the days were rough this week, I felt so loved and uplifting by my lovely blogging friends that I can hardly say enough about them!

just perfect. Expect to see more wonderful images from prayerstochrist.tumblr.com

Also, I want to give a quick shout out to Cindy over at The Veil of Chastity. She has a wonderful blog going there that is full of wonderful and inspiring advice! Be sure to check out her site (and look for a guest post from yours truly over there next week)!


Speaking of awesome blogging news, did you see Jennifer Fulwiler’s post on the National Catholic Register about What I Wore Sunday? The way we dress for Mass really does affect how well we pay attention! (Please don’t think that I’m telling you that you are a horrid heathen if you go to Mass in jeans, just read Jennifer’s post!) What I Wore Sunday is a wonderful way to encourage each other in our modest dress and to inspire each other to better prepare ourselves, physically and mentally/spiritually, for Mass. I’ve been participating for a couple of weeks now it is so fun to see what everyone else wears! In case you’ve missed them, you can find my outfits here and here.


I’ve fully embraced fall and winter. I know this because I’m burning candles like it is my job. I literally had my cinnamon candle burning on my desk the entire day at work this week. One night I went home and lit seven candles (of varying fall scents, i.e. pumpkin pie, gingerbread, etc.) and just sat in my room in the quiet candle lit atmosphere. It was wonderfully peaceful and relaxing. Bring on winter (and thank God for my SUV because snow in Colorado can get nuts)!


Song of the week = Staring at the Sun by Jason Aldean. I bought his new album, “Night Train” in the Black Friday blitz (and if I have to hear one more homily about how Black Friday is a sure sign of the end of the world…), and it is pretty fantastic. I’m not entirely sure what it is that I love so much about this song, but I really enjoy listening to it (and the whole album), so I thought I would share! Enjoy, and be sure to check out his whole album!


Since the blog seems to have taken on a sappy tone (or else I have taken on said tone) this week’s Year of Faith jolt comes from the Catechism, paragraph 2365. This is a passage to which I refer often in my own prayer life and especially when discerning relationships and whether or not to date. It is a gauge and an inspiration and I hope you find it as hopeful and wonderful as I do.
“St. John Chrysostom suggests that young husbands should say to their wives: I have taken you in my arms, and I love you, and I prefer you to my life itself. For the present life is nothing, and my most ardent dream is to spend it with you in such a way that we may be assured of not being separated in the life reserved for us. . . . I place your love above all things, and nothing would be more bitter or painful to me than to be of a different mind than you.” (emphasis mine).
I mean, really, who doesn’t want a husband who tells you that? No one I know.

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Until next time 😉

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