my attire on Sunday (vol. 3)

What I Wore SundaySo…ever since the wonderful Jennifer Fulwiler wrote about “What I Wore Sunday” in the National Catholic Register, Fine Linen and Purple has had a ton of traffic! I predict that today’s link up will be the biggest we’ve ever had (and I’m the nerd that wants to say that I got in on this awesome link up before it was the “cool” thing to do)!

I’ve got some thoughts on Advent and getting ready for Mass, but first the outfit:


Dress: Kohl’s (clearance rack…again): $15
Belt: Came with another outfit I own
Leggings: Target, $8
Boots: Ross, $20
(I LOVE these boots…despite the fact that I once tripped down the stairs wearing them and then poked a hole in the dry wall…)

There are a few times of year that I like to be what I call “Liturgically Matchy” and Advent is one of them. (I also painted my nails purple with a pink stripe across the top to match, but forgot to take a picture…take my word for it!) Pentecost and Palm Sunday you’ll always find me in red, most of the Sundays in Lent you’ll find me in purple, and Advent you’ll find me in purple, purple, pink, and then purple (respective to each Sunday). I’m not liturgically matchy in Ordinary Time because I don’t own that much green, nor do I like it, plus that much green would get boring. Easter and Christmas seasons are hit and miss because I don’t own a ton of white either.

But Advent is where it is at. There is some kind of a deeper connection I have to the liturgy when I match the color of the season. In a way that I can’t really explain, I feel like matching the color of the season helps me connect with the liturgy and feel more involved with it all. It helps me focus.

Earrings: Epcot ($8)Flower: Pier 1 ($.37 - Clearance!)Super easy hair-do: French braid into a bun and pin flower into place!

Earrings: Epcot ($8)
Flower: Pier 1 ($.37 – Clearance!)
Super easy hair-do: French braid into a bun and pin flower into place!

Also, the last couple of weeks I’ve picked my outfit out in advance and then left it to hang in the front of my closet. That means that every time I walk to where my closet is, the first thing I see is my outfit for Sunday. I can be a total girly girl sometimes and want to wear that fancy outfit all the time, but once it is picked I don’t let myself try it on again (and have random dance parties in my room while wearing it) until Sunday. I’m already seeing the fruits of this practice: it gets me really excited for Sunday’s liturgy. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve become a daily Mass addict, but there is something even more wonderful about a Sunday liturgy. Picking out that outfit in advance and then forcing myself to wait to wear it builds up the anticipation of the liturgy itself. I read the readings in advance. I get even more excited about playing the violin at Mass. Seeing that outfit reminds me of what is coming: the feast of Heaven and Earth. No matter what kind of crappy week I’ve had, I get to get dressed up for Jesus and celebrate the best and last supper with Him. (See what I did there?!)

What about you folks, any other liturgically matchy people out there like me?

Be sure to check out Fine Linen & Purple for more great and modest outfits!

Also…the boots are just awesome, so they get their own picture:

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