Worthy: The Book

Worthy: The Book

The book can be purchased on Amazon, Kindle (coming soon!), and CreateSpace!

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Back cover blurb: 

Ever since Creation, Satan has been after women’s hearts. His most profound method of getting to the heart of a woman is to attack her sense of worth. Women struggle to let others find them worthy, to find themselves worthy, but most importantly to be found worthy by God. We buy into the devil’s lies, all the while forgetting the truth that Christ has already found, and continues to find, us worthy. Once we discover, or perhaps rediscover, that He finds us worthy we are changed and challenged to live as a woman after the heart of the One who loves us and finds us worthy yesterday, today, and forever.

Amanda is available to speak to your group about her book, or any other topic you would like! Click here for more information on having Amanda speak at your event.

On June 29th, 2012, the solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul, I announced that I had written a book. For more on the book and why I feel called to this project, please check out "the journey of my Heart."

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