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Add My State! (Marian State Stickers)

Add My State! (Marian State Stickers)

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Each and every state in the United States has specific title of Our Lady that it takes as its patron. Don't see your state in the Marian State Stickers yet? This is your chance to add your state AND get a discount while you add them!

Add My State Stickers, unlike our in-stock, ready-to-ship stickers, do NOT ship next day. Rather, these stickers need to go through the design and production process before heading to your door. Therefore, Add My State stickers take 2-3 weeks to arrive at your door.

However, these stickers come at a discount! Most of our stickers are $4.50 each. With the Add My State option, you get a discount and you'll get extra stickers for friends, the newest parishioners at church, your favorite priest, whoever you want!

The stickers average 3'' by 3'', though some states will naturally be wider or taller than others. Each state will be custom cut around the state's outline. Additionally, only the official patroness for the state will be available for that state.

Finally, Add My State stickers are not eligible for refunds unless the stickers arrive damaged. In the event of damaged arrival, the buyer has 14 days from arrival to contact worthy of Agape for a refund/replacement.

As with all of our stickers, this sticker is vinyl and waterproof. As such, this sticker is perfect for your water bottle, coffee mug, notebook, even your car! Let this sticker be a reminder to ask Our Lady's intercession for your favorite state. Furthermore, this sticker makes a great conversation piece no matter where you choose to display it!

Be sure to check out all of our Marian State stickers and collect them all! Please note that, while the states will loosely fit together, they are not to scale. Therefore, should you collect them all they will not be a perfect / accurate representation of the United States.

Disclaimer / Attribution

All artwork, designs, and styles on this website are the original work of Amanda/worthy of Agape. Public, commercial, or any other use of these designs that goes beyond personal use is not allowed without expressed, written consent of worthy of Agape.
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