quick takes: the published author Edition!

Quick Takes{One}

Where to begin?! This week has been a total whirlwind of beauty and excitement that cannot be contained in mere words! The book came out! It is now available on Amazon, Kindle, and CreateSpace. Oh, and of course you can still buy signed copies here!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all SO much for your prayers, support, and words of encouragement. Thank you for helping me spread the word and for sharing in the joy of this all with me, I feel so incredibly blessed!


I may never get used to telling people that I’m a published author. I’m totally okay with that. God is so good!

Cover released


Watching people walk away with copies of my book, or post pictures of themselves with my book is totally surreal! I’ve had to fight the urge to chase after them and ask them why they are running away with a copy of my book! Words just can’t describe how crazy cool it is to see someone with their nose in a book you wrote. Totally awesome!


Tuesday evening I had a release party for the book! It was so much fun and I can’t tell you how thoroughly I enjoyed it! For one thing, I finally had the chance to meet Raquel, my super-duper blog crush, and she is even more fabulous in real life!

Even more than that, I totally and completely enjoyed leaving my phone and being able to just talk to people. No live tweeting during the party, no Facebook posts, no Instagramming pictures, just pure conversation, book signing, and joy. In the days after the party I’ve been reflecting on this very point: it is so beautiful and freeing to leave technology behind and have an honest to goodness conversation with a real-life human being and simply enjoy the moment God is laying out before us. There is nothing quite like it!


As I mentioned last week, I’ll be at TWO Confirmation ceremonies this weekend! It will be a Sacramentally packed weekend! Friday and Saturday there will be around 90 teens confirmed between the two ceremonies. Sunday morning I get to go to one of my good friend’s FIRST EVER Mass! He will be ordained a priest on Saturday! I’m so excited for him…even if my claim to fame is that I knew him way back when he had a girlfriend 😉
Then, Sunday evening I get to go to a baptism for some lovely and dear friends of mine! I love being Catholic!

What are your weekend plans?


Song of the week is…“Anywhere With You” by Jake Owen. It just a fun song that makes me want to dance and enjoy the warm weather (and lack of snow!!)!


More scripture this week…because I’m just loving the gospel of John!
“I speak this in the world
so that they may share my joy completely.
I gave them your word, and the world hated them,
because they do not belong to the world
any more than I belong to the world.
I do not ask that you take them out of the world
but that you keep them from the Evil One.” – John 17: 13-15

He speaks to us so that we may share in His joy, which is perfect and complete, and then He asks His Father to keep us from the Evil One. So. Darn. Beautiful.

Until next time 😉

p.s. Regular blogging schedule will return next week! Wednesday will see the continuation of the “just don’t say it” series and I am SO darn excited for this installment!

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