here for You.

Eucharist black and whiteThere is nothing in the world that I love more than going to Mass. Some days I forget that and take advantage of how easy it is to go to Mass. I don’t have to walk or drive very far, every church I attend is heated, and Mass is available on a daily basis. Not everyone in the world has it that easy. Still, there is nothing so wonderful as going to Mass, as hearing the Scriptures and being able to be present at the Last Supper. There is nothing so humbling as to see Love poured out upon the cross and broken for me in the Eucharist. There is nothing in the world so intimate as receiving my Love, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Eucharist. There is nothing on Earth, I am convinced, so intimate and precious as receiving the Eucharist, nothing.

My love for the Eucharist is deep (when the book comes out you’ll see that even more!) because without it I am lost ship at sea. Without the Eucharist my purpose in life is unclear and I spend my days confused and dazed.

Imagine my joy at sharing this great feast with someone I care deeply about. I truly enjoy being able to share the Mass with my family and with my friends, but there is something truly special about being able to share Mass with someone I’m dating. No matter what dates we’ve been on before, nothing compares to the first time I get to share Mass with that special someone in my life. It is just a joy to be able to sit next to that certain someone and soak in the Word together, to listen to the homily and then pray together during the consecration. There is something wonderful that simply can’t be put to words when we get to receive communion one after the other, uniting ourselves and our relationship to Christ in the Eucharist. What better date could there be than dinner with Jesus? What would be more strengthening for a relationship than to take part in the sacrifice of Love in the Mass?

It is easy to get caught up in the beauty and wonder of sharing Mass with that special someone. The other thing that I truly love about Mass with that special someone is that it re-focuses my energy and my love. Mass reminds me why I am here on this Earth: to serve, worship, and love God. I am here for Him, first and foremost. Sharing Mass, breaking bread, and praying with that certain someone is a wonderful experience that hopefully serves to strengthen our relationship and get us both closer to Heaven, but that isn’t why I’m here. I am at Mass for God, to love Him, to learn about His heart, and to praise Him for His goodness. Sharing that experience with someone is icing on the cake! Going to Mass with that special someone, then, serves two purposes: to remind us who we love and what love really is, and to strengthen our relationships, in that order. So thanks be to God for the Mass, for the opportunity to crawl deeper into His heart, but also thanks be to God for His loving reminder of where our priorities should be.

Sweet and precious Jesus, poured out in the Eucharist, I am here for You.

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