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I’m a huge fan of countdowns. In case you haven’t noticed, I added a countdown on the sidebar to the release date of the book. I’m saddened that it doesn’t count the days (yet). In all honesty, I’ve avoided counting the days because I think it would freak me out a bit. I’ve got some good momentum going on the book and have enlisted the help of some wonderful people who actually know what they are doing with the English language to help me edit the book. May 14th feels like tomorrow – there is so much to get done on the book, but I am SO excited!


Remember back when I received the Liebster award? Well, I’ve been nominated for it two more times in the last week! I’m so blessed and excited to receive this award again! Rather than making another blog about it, I’ll simply answer the questions from the people who nominated me here:

Sarah‘s questions:

1. Favorite author – John Eldredge. I have yet to read something of his that didn’t blow my mind. Catholic or not (he’s not) his books have had a huge impact on my spiritual life.
2. What would you be if you’re not what you are right now? I’d travel and speak at conferences all over the place!
3. Go-to work out video or exercise regimen – None. I work with teenagers, isn’t that exercise enough?
4. Most memorable vacation – The vacation I took to NC when I put 2,000 miles on a rental car in a week. So. Much. Fun!
5. Shabby chic or modern/contemporary? – Clothing style or decorating style? Either way it is probably more contemporary…
6. Natural or epidural (even if you’re not married I’m sure this has crossed your mind) – Probably epidural. I’m a sissy and I want drugs, especially if the kidney stone I passed in college is any indication of child birth…
7. Your breakfast most of the days – Cereal or pop tarts
8. If you’ll be a Bible character, who will you be? – I relate a lot to the prophet Hosea, but if I were a character I’d probably want to be someone that Jesus meets!
9. Singer or group you’re obsessed with (maybe in the past) and embarrassed to admit to – I totally rock out to One Direction’s “What Makes Your Beautiful”
10. Place you’d like to see (maybe even live) – See: Vatican City. In a heartbeat!
11. What song describes your personality? There’s just no way to pick one, not to mention that the song would change a lot since I’m a crazy loon anyway 😉

Cindy‘s questions:

  1. How did your husband propose? Or if you are not married, what is your dream proposal? – I’m a girl. Of course I’ve thought about this, but there is just no way it is going on the blog! Only a few people know the answer anyway 😉
  2. Is your refrigerator door clear or do you have stuff on it? Magnets and other fun things are o my fridge!
  3. Which Person of the Holy Trinity do you feel closest to: Father, Son or Holy Spirit? The Son =)
  4. What is your favorite restaurant? Olive Garden…most of the time. It depends on my mood/cravings.
  5. If you wrote a book, what title would you choose? Fiction or Non-Fiction? Haha! I have written a book and the title is “Worthy: See Yourself as God Does” and it is non-fiction, due out May 14th!
  6. Are you a convert or a revert? Revert. Cradle Catholic-ish who reverted in high school.
  7. Which is your favorite Liturgical Season? I like the purple seasons (Lent and Advent) because they really challenge my faith in good and beautiful ways!
  8. How do you overcome writer’s block? Spend some time in adoration, with the Bible, or away from my computer. Sometimes I need to shut everything off so I can hear God and talk to Him about what He is calling me to write.
  9. What is your favorite Scripture passage? Hosea 2:16, NAB: “Thus says the LORD: I will allure her; I will lead her into the desert and speak to her heart.”
  10. What do you wear with jeans: boots, heels, flats or clogs? Boots, heels, or flats. Depends on the occasion.
  11. Which blog post was the most difficult one for you to write? (please add link) This one.


(c) Mike Rogers

(c) Mike Rogers

During Holy Week I get to cross another cathedral off of my list! I’m pretty darn excited about this one because it means that I’ll finally have visited all three cathedrals in my great home state! What better time to visit a cathedral than during Holy Week?


Tonight I get to see Tyrone Wells in concert…again! I’ve written about a couple of his songs and I’m just so psyched to see him in concert, he’s always got such a wholesome inspiring message, and not only in his songs =)


I finally feel like I’m hitting a blogging stride again! Lately some of the blogs just haven’t felt…good. It is hard to explain but there’s a groove I have or a place I get to where I feel like I’m really writing to glorify Him and I feel like I’ve been missing that for a while, but it seems to be coming back and I’m pumped about it! The blogs coming up in the next couple of weeks are going to be pretty rad, if I do say so myself!


Song of the week is…“You’re the One” by Tyrone Wells (co-written with Dave Barnes, another one of my favorites!)


Scripture passage of the week is from Psalm 51, a fitting psalm for our Lenten season. Psalm 51 was written by King David after the prophet Nathan came to David following David’s affair with Bathsheba.
“For you do not desire sacrifice – or I would give it; a burnt offering you would not accept.
My sacrifice, O God, is a contrite spirit; a contrite, humbled heart, O God, you will not scorn.”a contrite, humbled heart, O God, you will not scorn.” – Psalm 51:18-19.
He wants our whole hearts!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Until next time 😉

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