thoughts from the Inside.

Inspired by Julie's post (or should I say Laura's post?), I've been thinking a lot about what life from Monkey's side of the womb looks like... I figured out a fun new game today! All I have to do is push my feet up against whatever those hard things are (Mom says they are her ribs?) and push my way down. It is fun, but I don't think Mommy likes this game as much as I do. I even found my own squishy pillow in here too, it is quite comfy. Maybe it isn't a pillow though... I seriously don't know what this spasm thing is. I can go days without doing it, but then, apparently like Mommy, the spasms (I think Mommy called them 'hiccups') happen a jillion times in one day. I hate them. I try kicking and punching and squirming, but they don't stop for, like, ever. Make them stop. My other favorite activity is to stick my little booty out. Daddy thinks this is hilarious, Mommy is a little stretched out though. Still fun. I gotta stretch my long legs! I like making Mom into a belly dancer - at least in some sense ;-) Daddy's beard and/or the sound of his voice is funny. I looooove to kick him in the face when he gets super close and starts trying to kiss me. The kicks don't stop him from getting close, but they make Mommy and I laugh! Mommy and I have this fun game going, too. I stick my foot up because, like her, I like to stretch my legs and I'm getting CRAMPED in here, and then she pushes it back down. We play this game a lot, I secretly think it is her favorite! I'm working on finding my way out of this cramped little hole they've got me contained in, and I'll keep you updated on my progress. Until then...the pillow and the rib things are my besties. Peace out. -Monkey
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