things that make me Cry.

You know those stories that people post on twitter, Facebook or Instagram about what is making their child/toddler cry? You know how ridiculous they can be? Guess what - pregnant women are the same way. For your enjoyment (and my own, because I have to laugh too!), here's a list of some of the many things that have made me cry thus far in the pregnancy. Enjoy. And laugh. Some of them make sense, others are just ridiculous. Even in the moment I can admit the ridiculousness of the tears and yet they fall anyway, so after the tears clear the laughter comes. Wanting to wear pants, though none of them fit. Dear John, especially the scene with John and his dad in the hospital. Thinking about telling my parents the name we've picked out for our child once it is born. Not being able to get the lid of my water-bottle unscrewed. Just about any scene in any show in which a mom or dad is hugging their child. Or talking to their child. Or thinking about their child. Talking about abortion. Monkeys. Finding out that friends of mine are also pregnant. My players on The Sims 2 being unhappy. A fire in the house of The Sims 2. Voicemails at work that are so long it cuts people they call back to leave another voicemail. My razor not having enough of a charge to shave both of my legs. Just thinking about the last episode of Boy Meets World. Reading stories and not at all expecting them to be about a baby who dies. My hair doing whatever it wants, even after I straightened it into submission. Getting a cold and not being able to take cold medicine.

Care to add to the list? What has made you cry during your pregnancies? Funny or serious - anything goes!

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