making me a Baby.

I've decided that in more ways than I originally thought, pregnancy makes me quite like the baby I'm growing. In a way it is pretty laughable and in other ways I think it is preparing me for motherhood - or at least I hope it is! Case and points (feel free to add your own in the comments!):
  1. Every few hours I want to do one of the following (and I get pretty cranky when I can't do whatever it is I want to do):
    • Use the bathroom
    • Sleep
    • Cry
    • Eat
  2. I've become much more aware of what goes into and comes out of me - which is what I imagine I'll pay close attention to once the baby is born
  3. Naps are suddenly more glorious than I ever remember them being.
  4. Temper tantrums. They are a pregnant woman thing just as much as an infant thing.
  5. Sometimes there are just no words than I can get out that make any coherent sense. Just like a baby.
  6. I want to sleep all the time. When I have to wake up I stretch a lot.
  7. I cry. Over silly, crazy things that make absolutely no sense. Even to me.
  8. I can NOT sit still during Mass. I get cramps, kneeling is next-to-impossible, my legs want to be crossed, no, uncrossed, no crossed the other way.
  9. There are certain couches or chairs that I suddenly can't get out of without a little help. Hello - babies can't get up or out of anything without help.
  10. I can't sit at my desk for terribly long either. I used to be able to sit there most of the day and be just fine, but now I need to get up and move around. Ain't no keeping me in the same position for very long. (Which, from what we saw on the ultrasound, is the exact same as our baby - we've got quite the active one!)
  11. I out grow a fair amount of my clothes every few weeks/months.
Don't forget to add your own in the comments!
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