Worthy: The Book

the book, missionary training, and a smattering of Updates.

At this point I have approximately five half-drafted blogs in my head. However, Monkey is, for the moment, peacefully napping in her stroller as the rain falls outside our dorm room, so I've decided to throw all the updates and thoughts out at once. The Book Currently a giant pain. More technical difficulties abound as the interior file doesn't want to properly upload. It is somewhat painful to watch the days tick away and know that the revision still isn't out there, and yet...God is teaching me a lot through FOCUS training, so I've been able to add a few little tidbits here and there to the book amidst the technical difficulties. I know God has His hand in all of it :) FOCUS Training Not going to lie, it has been a whirlwind since we got here. Long days of classes rich with wisdom, hundreds of new people to meet, a team to bond with (we will be going to Boise State University in the fall!), first trimester woes - it is a lot, and yet God is most certainly working through it all. The various religious sisters here talk about how they have been asking for a deluge of the Holy Spirit and that is why it keeps raining every. single. day. Perhaps that's true, but I wouldn't mind a less wet form of deluge from the Holy Spirit. Regardless of whatever hardships we have faced to get here (tornadoes, hail storms, horrid hotels, etc.), the Lord is working here. It is such a boost to be surrounded by so many people who are not only passionate about the Catholic faith, but passionate about sharing that faith with others. It is a true joy to see other families living what we are living, living as missionaries, serving the Lord in our vocations and in our jobs. The days are busy and hectic, but it is so life-giving to be surrounded by like-minded people. Our daughter continues to learn, including the fact that she now sees Mary and calls her "Mama", which I totally love. Other Thoughts FOCUS allows you to bring a babysitter to training to watch your kid(s) while you attend classes. This has been a great joy for me because I'm able to attend classes with Anthony, and our daughter gets to hang around other people and make new friends. Monkey is doing quite well around others...until she sees me or Anthony. She can be so focused on whatever she's doing, but the minute she sees us it is all over - she comes running (and I do mean running!) and waving or tries to climb out of her high chair just to see us and give us a hug. It is wonderful to be so loved by her, but I also can't help but relate her reaction to us to the spiritual life. So often we get focused on what we are supposed to be doing and then something else comes along, something we've wanted for SO LONG, and that new thing is all we can focus on. Sometimes that isn't a bad thing because God is granting us an answered prayer. Other times we need to remember that even though this thing we've longed for is FINALLY here, we can't neglect the other things we are doing and learning. It is a balance and a chance to love God for WHO is He, not necessarily WHAT He does for/gives us.

What about you all, how is your summer going? I feel so disconnected from things since we arrived at training (in the tiniest town in Florida, I'm convinced of it!) and I'd love to hear about what you are up to!

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