something Magical.

The heart of a woman is a mysterious thing, even to us women. God is written deeply there. We are reflections of the most majestic beauty to ever exist: God Himself. And yet, all too often we find that something is missing. There is a deep ache and longing in our hearts.

“Have you ever felt unnoticed? Unseen? Have you ever felt that no matter what you did no one would even take notice? You could put on the most beautiful dress, get your hair and make-up done and still no heads would turn? You could dress like Julia Roberts in the opening scenes of Pretty Woman and there would be no Richard Gere there to pick you up in some fancy foreign car? We feel unseen. As women we long to be found beautiful, stunning, attractive, and sexy…We want to walk in a room and light it up, we want heads to turn, people to take notice that we are there and we are radiant. We possess within our very souls something magical, something mystical that shines and begs to be noticed. That isn’t to say that every woman wants to be the center of attention when she walks in a room, many women do not. Many of my best friends would actually hate walking into a room and having everyone stare at her beauty, they would fear all the attention and wonder if they had something stuck in their teeth or that there is toilet paper stuck to their shoes. But those same women who don’t want to be the center of attention will admit that they at least want one person to take note when they enter a room. Satan knows this about the heart of women.”

There is something afoot in the world…a battle for the tender, courageous, fierce hearts of women. Whose side will you be on?

Also, in case you are wondering why the background now has little sparkles on it, it is to remind you to come back on August 20th when there will be some major changes to the design and logo of the blog! Get excited!

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