ring Thing.

ring Thing.

Yes, it is a ring thing. No, not an engagement ring thing. I’m kind of obsessed with rings. I’ve written about this before when I first blogged about the ring I typically wear on that oh-so-important finger in “covenant Heart“. That ring, as much as I love it, has been replaced. It actually hangs on my car keys now, and a new ring has taken its place on my hand, and yes, I still wear it on that oh-so-important finger.

It is a wonderful and simple ring. Upon first look it doesn’t scream, “that’s a Christian ring!!!” which is part of why I love it. It is stainless steel, a simple band that is tough. It doesn’t scratch easily and its got some weight to it. It has three beautiful shiny, sparkly stones in it. Remember how I said that even in high school I used to love to find godly symbolism in everything? This ring is no exception.

I love the weight to the ring. It is thick and tough, a serious metal that is not to be messed with. It is sturdy and means business. To me, this ring shows commitment. I don’t think of this ring as a purity ring but rather as a commitment. It isn’t easily bent (meaning its really not to be bent at all, its thick and stainless steel!) nor does it tarnish or get scratched. I can’t stress enough how rugged this ring appears and feels to me. The weight of the commitment it symbolizes is not to be underestimated. So what do I commit myself to when I wear this ring every single day? Exactly what the three stones represent. Before, with my covenant heart ring the hearts symbolized my heart, my husband’s heart and God’s heart. These stones symbolize something entirely different: the Trinity. I am committed to the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I wake up in the morning and I place this weighty and rugged ring on that oh-so-important figure because that is what I am committed to. The Trinity is what my heart is about. I pray that this daily reminder keeps my priorities straight and prevents me from trying to make anyone or anything else my God. My commitment is to the heart of God first, foremost, today and forever.

I went out a few weeks ago to a bar with some girlfriends of mine (and let’s please not gasp at the fact that I went to a bar…I’m Catholic, remember? Insert stereotypes here.) and as I walked into the bar I took my ring off that oh-so-important-left-hand-finger and placed it on my right hand so as not to confuse potential on-lookers, lest they think I am married, when I am, in fact, not. I literally felt my heart go, “what are you doing?!” as I swapped the ring from one hand to the other. It immediately went back to where it belongs. Until the day that some man (God willing) puts a different ring on that finger, this is the one that should remain. Will people think I’m married? Quite possibly. But at the end of the day, that is okay. I may not be married in the sense that most people associate that word with, but I am married to God. All that I am is His and all that He is will, if I’m a good little girl, be mine in Paradise.

Does this mean I don’t still pray for my future husband because I’m not wearing my covenant heart ring anymore? Of course not. I pray for him more times a day than I can count, but I pray to God for my future husband. The focus now is to approach God as the goal, as my everything. He is my end goal, the very being for which I was created. If I’m not chasing after Him first then what am I doing? What is my purpose? If you don’t stand for something, if you aren’t truly and honestly committed to something (i.e. GOD) then you’ll fall prey to anything. And if you can’t commit to the God who promises to never leave you, then what hope do you have committing to a human being, who will, inevitably, disappoint you? My heart is God’s, it hasn’t always been, but I pray that it always will be.

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