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Somehow it has been a whopping six weeks since my last blog. Believe you me, I've tried many times to write since then. For some odd reason, the link I used to sign in wasn't working and, because I have two small children, I didn't ever have enough time to properly troubleshoot the situation. Obviously I found my way back in. So here's a brief run down of the last six weeks and a preview of blogs I'll be writing now that I hacked my way back into my own blog!
  • Mistletoe has had a big issue with reflux, spitting up a ton no matter what we did. We went to the pediatrician and she told me to go off dairy and soy to see if that helped any. A week and a half later nothing had changed, so we started Mistletoe on some glorious medicine (Prevacid for babies!) that seems to be helping a lot. I've seen her smile and be happy more in the last few weeks than I had ever seen before. I'm still off dairy for the time being in order to give the medicine a chance to work and to test whether the medicine or dairy-free life is what made the change (or both). So, if you've got any easy dairy free recipes you love, send them my way! (side note: I'm generally not a fan of veggies, so if you've got dairy free, veggie free recipes, all the better!)
  • We flew to Colorado with two little ones and they both did GREAT on the airplanes! Monkey was so excited to see the airport and watch take off and landing. Watching her take in the whole experience was so thrilling that the two hour flight felt like 10 minutes. Oh, and Mistletoe slept through her first flight, so that was pretty rad too. Once in Colorado we got to spend time with family and friends - people we hadn't seen since August! - and baptize and confirm Mistletoe. If you'll remember, Anthony is Maronite Catholic and Maronites baptize and confirm babies at the same time, but more on that in an upcoming blog. It is such an incredible and beautiful celebration of the Sacraments.
  • The snow is finally melting in Boise! I never thought I'd be so happy for 50 degrees and rain as opposed to 20 degrees and endless snow. This has been one of the snowiest winters on record for Boise, one that saw them declare a state of emergency due to the heavy snowfall and icy roads. With a teeny-tiny newborn, we spent a long, long, long time inside seeing what cabin fever would do to a toddler (newsflash: she wasn't a fan).
  • No, we don't know where we'll be next year. As you may recall, we made a two year commitment to FOCUS, though we don't know where we'll be for our second year as missionaries. The Type A person in me wants to know so I can plan, research, find new housing, and strategize for the move. The Type A person in me is also getting a big reality check in trusting that God knows what He is doing. It has been (and is) a real struggle to stay in the present moment, to not live for the future days of a baby who sleeps more, nurses on a schedule, or a house that has room, or even in sunny days. But each day is a new opportunity to live in the here and now and leave the rest to God. More on that in a future blog post too ;-)
So that's life in a nutshell as of late. Thanks for sticking around even when I somehow got locked out of my own blog. I'm back and ready to party! And write!
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