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Oh. My. Goodness.

The proposal is *this* close to being done and ready to be shipped off. It is so close I could burst. I got the proposal back earlier this week and am making the *last* few, minor tweaks to it before sending it out. If you haven’t been praying before, now would be a wonderful time to start (if you believe in the book/project…if you don’t, then don’t pray). Pray!

Once the proposal goes out to publishers my Friday updates will change, given that things will be completely out of my control at that point. I’m even kind of hoping that this Friday may in fact be the last update of this kind. Given that, I’ve decided to do a hodge podge of some of my favorite quotes from the book. Enjoy!

This picture has nearly nothing to do with the quotes from the book, I just thought it was awesome!

“Pride says, “I deserve” while humility says, “I am worthy, not by my own merits, but by the grace of God.””

“Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen once said, “The greatest love story of all time is contained in a tiny white host.” That love story continues in you and me. The love story is not over because we are not all in Heaven, at least not yet…Drink of the love that never ends. Rest your heart in the knowledge that…we are always safe within His arms.”

“Yes, our male friends can offer us support and encouragement, but the truth of the matter is that they are not hard-wired in the same way that women are. God made the sexes to complement each other, not to clearly and perfectly understand each other. We go together like peanut butter and jelly, but no matter how hard they try, peanut butter will never understand what it is like to be jelly, and vice verse.”

There are so many quotes, but some of them simply can’t be taken out of context. I will tease you a bit more and tell you that at least six of the 16 chapters first appeared here as blogs, and later became full-blown chapters. They were all well-loved blogs (and not just by me) that I had a chance to really further develop. I’m so excited about this next phase for the book!

Please keep the prayers coming, and stay tuned for next week’s update!

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“Like Jesus Does” by Eric Church
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