setting goals {March}.

Boy-gee-howdy am I late on doing the March check in since it is practically May already. Where did April go? Oh right, to the newborn cutie in my house :) March goals: -Have a baby. That’s pretty much my only goal (due date is the 24th). Not lose my mind waiting for her to be born. (I later added another one: blog about Monkey's nursery) March's completion rate: 100%! Monkey was born March 25th - a day after her due date, but the date I'd be hoping and praying she'd be born on all long. I also didn't lose my mind waiting for her to be born. Yay! I also managed to blog about her nursery here. Up next - April goals: -Shower weekly. Life with a newborn, y’all. -Continue to write in my journal to my daughter AND write Anthony some good ole fashioned love notes. -Baptize/confirm Monkey (Maronite Rite for the win!) How am I doing so far in April? I guess you'll have to come back in a week or so and find out! :) How are you doing with your monthly goals/new years resolutions?
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