quick takes: so close Edition.

Quick Takes{One}

Y’all. The book comes out Tuesday.
That’s like…four days away.
Which is like…96ish hours.
Less than 100 hours.
I can’t believe it!!!!!!
Normally I’m not one who uses a zillion exclamation marks but I think this calls for it.
I wrote a book.
It gets released on Tuesday.
4 days(p.s. don’t you just want to GO there? I love Colorado!)


The “just don’t say it” series continued this week with my first ever guest post! Ever wondered what not to say to pregnant women? Check out this week’s installment, and be sure to check out Raquel because she is awesome!
I’ll be taking this week off from the series since, you know, the book is coming out. I promise I’ll be back with a REALLY awesome post for the series on the 22nd!
AND – if you have any ideas for the series, or want to guest post, just let me know (comment or contact me).


I think I’ve told y’all…I tend to pre-write and schedule posts. It is nice to be able to write them, but the posts for next week aren’t written yet. That is mostly because God only knows what I’m going to be feeling the day before, the day of, and the day after the book comes out. I can’t pre-write that stuff, y’all. It will be raw. I can hardly wait for Tuesday, I feel like a kid on the night before Christmas! SO, tune in, buy the book (you can order signed copies by clicking on the picture above). Starting Tuesday it will be available through Amazon, CreateSpace (the company who is actually printing the books), and Kindle.


Something other than book news and talk…oh! Next Friday and Saturday (the 17th and 18th) I’ll be at even more Confirmation ceremonies (that will be #2 and #3 for the year). Would you lovely readers mind praying for the candidates? There will be about 90 teens being Confirmed between the two ceremonies and I know they’d appreciate your prayers!
Come, Holy Spirit!


I can hardly believe that Memorial Day weekend is almost here! Do y’all have any fun plans? Summer is so close!


Song of the week is brought to you this week by…Blake Shelton, singing “Sure Be Cool If You Did” since it has been on repeat for most of the week!


Scripture from Tuesday…because the readings are awesome and were actually a good portion of the reason that I picked Tuesday as the release date!
“Who is like the LORD, our God, who is enthroned on high
and looks upon the heavens and the earth below?” – Psalm 113
Because, really, who is as awesome as our God?

Until next time 😉

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