quick takes: retreat weekend Edition.

Quick Takes


The blog hit 300 posts this week! Monday marked my 300th blog post ever (which is still a little mind boggling to me), and I celebrated with a new blog design and general sprucing up of ALL the pages! Take a look around and let me know what you think of the new design!

Also…if you are interested in guest posting, I’m currently looking for folks to write for the “just don’t say it” series. If you’ve got an idea for a post or you’d like to write a post, let me know!


The next week of my life looks to be crazy as summer ministry kicks into high gear! Today I’m leaving for the weekend for Steubenville of the Rockies with 10 teens from my parish. There will be around 2,500 teenagers at this weekend-long conference! I’ve been going to this conference/retreat since I was in high school, so to go as a youth minister is such a fun (and exhausting) treat! Pray for all of us, and that the hearts of the teenagers would be open to God working in their lives (same goes for the volunteers and youth ministers – it takes a LOT of work to pull this weekend off!)! Also, pray that altitude sickness doesn’t get to anyone – people come from all over the country for this conference, and many of them are not used to Denver altitudes. Sad day.

Next week (Tuesday – Friday) I’ll be running Vacation Bible School at my parish. We’ve got a good bunch of kids signed up and I’m excited about it, but I also know that coming off of a retreat weekend tends to leave me tired and usually sick. Prayers that it all goes well would be much appreciated!


Gold starHey, look at that! The book got its very first review on Amazon…and it got FIVE STARS! I’m so excited and I love hearing what y’all think of the book! Don’t forget to head on over to Amazon and leave some lovin’ on the reviews once you are done (or hate on it…just be honest!). If you are so inspired, feel free to review the book on your own blog, I’d love to share your posts! Let’s be honest, I’m biased because I wrote the book, but your thoughts are important!

If you haven’t gotten a copy yet…it is STILL on sale on Amazon, and you can always buy signed copies from me!


Philosophical question for you…would you rather be wanted or needed? I suppose it depends on who I’m talking about, but run with the question! By your significant other: wanted or needed? By your best friend? Your parents? Your children? I’ve been thinking about the difference lately and I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Quote from the book this week comes from…the middle of the book 😉

“God knows that there have been hundreds of thousands of books written on suffering. There are books about why we suffer, how to avoid suffering, how to deal with suffering, and probably even how to make others suffer. I daresay there are not enough good books out there on moving forward from pain and suffering. It isn’t enough to move on from pain and suffering, nor is it enough to simply survive suffering. I refuse to believe that suffering is something we must simply endure, like a bad root canal. God, in His loving mercy, wants to heal us through and from our sufferings.”


Song of the week is…“Save Me San Francisco” by Train. It is catchy and fun and makes me want to go on a road trip! Enjoy!


Scripture verse of the week is…the verse that is the theme of the Steubenville conferences this summer: 1 John 4:19.

“We love because he first loved us.”

Until next time 😉

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