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Quick Takes{One}

Happy New Year! It was about 16 hours into 2013 and I looked down at the clock on my computer screen and thought, “NOOOOOOO, I don’t want 2013, take me back to 2012!!!!” I literally froze in my seat and imagined myself clawing my way back into 2012. Why? It really wasn’t the best of years – it wasn’t horrid, but I don’t really care to re-live it. So then why did I have the sudden inclination to run back to 2012 with all the energy I had? Because, if nothing else, it was familiar. It was known. 2013, a new year, is unknown, and while full of possibilities, also has the potential to be worse than 2012. After about a minute or two of this freak out, I decided to give it a rest. I could sit here and be afraid of the year, or I could be hopeful that this year God will pour His love on us in all in new ways. Even more exciting is that it is another year to fall deeper in love with Him, and what could be scary about that?


The book, the book, the book…when shall I ever hear back about the book proposal? I still love that people ask me about it, and believe me, I’m just as antsy (if not more so) to hear back about it. On Wednesday I e-mailed the publisher to inquire about the status of the proposal (largely because so many of you kept asking me about it – thank you!). I’m planning on looking over the proposal again and getting it ready to go to another few publishers if I don’t hear back soon/the proposal gets rejected. I’m praying about some other options too 😉 Keep praying!



How I sometimes feel at my job...

How I sometimes feel at my job…

Cue the mini-rant…some people just don’t get the concept of deadlines. If you arrive after 7pm the day the polls close, you don’t get to vote, no matter how much of a hissy fit you throw. If I say the deadline to turn in forms for a retreat is such and such date and it has been in the parish bulletin for two months prior to that date, then turn in the form on time or don’t go to the retreat. Pretty simple. And….end rant.


I can’t shake the feeling that God is up to something…big. It is a feeling I’ve had for a few months now, that He’s up to something big in my life or that He’s preparing me for something. I don’t know what because He hasn’t shared that part of the plan yet, but something. Sometimes I think He’s calling me to move, out of town, out of state, who knows. Sometimes I think He might be calling me away from youth ministry. I’ve had a lot of little inklings but nothing definite yet. So, here’s to hoping that when He says jump I’ll simply and unhesitatingly respond, “how high?”


Be on the look out for more guest post awesomeness. Yesterday, my lovely friend Liesl featured some of my thoughts on the single life on her blog. Be sure to read “The Single Life: Right vs. Good” and all of the posts in her Being Single Series!
I was recently interviewed for the “Catholic Vitamins” podcast and it should be up soon, so be sure to follow the Facebook page and/or follow me on Twitter for all of the latest!


Song of the week goes to…“Faith When I Fall” by Kip Moore. I recently bought his album “Up All Night” and it is pretty awesome! The version below is an acoustic recording but lovely just the same, and totally appropriate for the Year of Faith and the spiritual journey in general.

(You could skip to about a minute in, but his explanation of the song is pretty cool too!)


Sweet biblical goodness this week! “Surely, I wait for the Lord; who bends down to me and hears my cry, draws me up from the pit of destruction, out of the muddy clay, sets my feet upon rock, steadies my steps, and puts a new song in my mouth, a hymn to our God.” – Psalm 40:2-4. Whenever things are uncertain or I feel like God is up to something big but He isn’t sharing His plan with me yet I find comfort in these verses, so when it came up this week in my evening prayers I was quite relieved. He draws out of the pit of destruction and sets us upright on the Rock of His Love, so much so that we can sing a new hymn to Him!

Until next time 😉

Thanks to Hallie Lord of Moxie Wife for hosting this week’s edition of Quick Takes! Please keep praying for Jen – she is home after being hospitalized with pulmonary embolisms in both of her lungs, and will be treating them from home! St. Michael, the Archangel, keep Jen, her unborn son and her family safe!

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