my attire on Sunday (vol. 8)

What I Wore SundayIf I’m being really honest, the dressing up is fun and I’d do it whether I was posting about it or not, but some of the creepy comments lately from anonymous people are, well, creepy. If you don’t like what you see or you think this is some version of Catholic porn, you are quite wrong. The link-up is to celebrate modesty – both in what we wear and in the comments. So, comment accordingly or don’t expect for a second that your comment will be posted. That being said…

I gave up on being liturgically matchy. The only other white dress I own would have effectively turned me into a Colorado icicle. So, instead, you get one of my favorite colors to wear: black. Well…that was the plan until about 11 o’clock last night when I decided that my outfit actually made me look more like a funeral director than I wanted to look like (as if I ever really want to look like a funeral director!). So, my closet may have slightly exploded until I decided on the following:


The deets:
Dress – $14 (Hello clearance at Ross, you are awesome!!)
Sparkly tights: Target (Christmas present from my parents)
Shoes: Lovely black heels, compliments of Payless, $18

And then I wrote something about how I didn’t care if I looked like I was going to a funeral (I draft the post in advance). Clearly I did. And red won the day. I LOVE this dress, I feel awesome in it (does red have that effect on you too?)! I bought it for a wedding a couple of years ago and don’t wear it nearly as often as I should!

The classic foot pop + you can see my sparkly tights!

The classic foot pop + you can see my sparkly tights!

Highlights from Mass:

-Father pulled out his iPhone during his homily to read us what the Pope tweeted this morning. Isn’t our faith AWESOME!?
-Our normal cantor was gone this week, our secondary cantor had no voice, and all that added up to me singing more than I played. Normally, I like singing with other people…on my own, not so much. I get WAY nervous. So, when they asked me to sing the Alleluia and accompanying verse I kind of freaked out. But I did it! And it was actually pretty good! I’m grateful for people who believe in me and push me to be more than I am!

The dress straight on (and isn't that neckline sweet?)

The dress straight on (and isn’t that neckline sweet?)

Be sure to check out the lovely ladies and gents at Fine Linen and Purple for more modest Mass attire!

Happy Solemnity of the Epiphany!

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