quick takes: March!?

Quick Takes{One}

Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a free, signed copy of my book – due out MAY 14th! Also, I have no idea how I managed to blog, write the book, do my job, and maintain a relationship last year. I just started a new job last week so I’m working a few more hours a week, but I’m feeling so busy lately! I’m hard at work editing the book (yet again) and getting all of the last minute things ready for publication. I know that I got sick last week, but man am I feeling behind! Blogs aren’t getting written as quickly as I would like, but I am making progress on the book and that is GOOD – I even managed to edit HALF of the chapters in the last week and that is HUGE!

St. Francis de Sales, pray for us!


I’m seriously discerning blogging less. That makes me really sad to write that, but if this book is going to be the best in can be then maybe that is where I need to focus more of my energy. Don’t worry, you’ll still get at least one new blog a week…maybe more. I’m still discerning. I love the blog, but the book is quickly becoming one of the biggest priorities in my life. May 14th feels like it might as well be tomorrow.


In other exciting news…I did start a new job! For a few weeks in my quick takes I talked about new opportunities coming up and nearly all of them have come to fruition! I’m editing on other blogging sites (Ignitum Today and Catholic Lane), and I’ve taken on another youth ministry job. Oh, and one other personal thing which shall remain, you know, personal 😉 But my new job is really exciting, I have the chance to build a youth ministry program from the ground up. There is a temptation to make it all about me and the program that I want to build but stupid pride needs to stay out of the way so that GOD can build the program He needs to!


Colorado snow

The snow this week has been crazy. White-out conditions and crazy roads and what not. I’m aware of the fact that I live in Colorado but I’m quite over the snow, I’m ready for spring. And dresses. And skirts. And colors. And hiking. And if I keep typing more reasons I’m ready for spring/summer I might explode.

Oh, yea, and my book to get released. I’m excited for that too! (Duh!)


Every darn time a new month comes around I’m shocked by it. Where did February go? I know it was a short, busy, and stressful month, but dang. It just up and disappeared. Here’s to hoping that one of these months I won’t be so shocked by a month disappearing and that I can make the most of the time that God is giving me.


I know that Monday’s post contained a song of the week, but I reserve the right to post another one. Because I can. And because it is my blog, and I do what I want, yo! This week it is “Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)” by Gary Allan. I just love his voice and the message of the song. Enjoy!


Once again, in place of a Catechism passage or Scripture quote, I’ll leave you with the words of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, “Falling in love, being an emotion, is not eternal. The emotion of love must be purified” and “God loves us; we need only to summon up the humility to allow ourselves to be loved.”

Until next time 😉

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