quick takes: crazy days Edition.

Quick Takes


Monday was one of the busiest days on the blog ever. What post tipped it over (and set its own new record for most hits in a single day)? If you guessed “dear Husband.” then you would be correct! What was really amazing about Monday was how the post seemed to travel all over the world. Stats for the day (because I’m just amazed at how God uses this blog!) included: Portugal, United Kingdom, Indonesia, France, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Montenegro, and the bulk of the hits going to Kenya. I’m consistently amazed at how popular that post is, how it will lay low and then all at once it just…goes. It remained one of the most popular posts all week, making its way all over Africa! It is by far the most popular post I’ve ever written. God is good!


Speaking of the letter I’ve written to my future husband (here, here, and here)…someone suggested to me that I should put them all in a book and make that my next book. Here’s why that will not ever happen: those letters are for him. Sure, a few of them appear here, and I’ve written about how I continue to write to him, but those letters are for him. They aren’t for the general population to read or for me to make money on. You can’t buy love. Someday he’ll get those letters and I want him to know that they are for him, I want him to know how much I’ve been praying for him all these years. While I think that those posts to him that I have shared are a beautiful reminder for all of us to pray for our future/current spouses, I refuse to use the love I have for my future husband as a way to market my next book. In some way, me saving the rest of the letters for him and him alone is how I can guard his heart, my heart, and the love and trust we’ll one day share. That’s not something worth breaking. Ever.


Have you joined my conversion story link-up yet? It will be up for sometime, but be sure to get your post up, I’d love to read about how God came for your heart and called you back to Himself! You can read my story and join the link-up here. Also, feel free to use either of these images, and be sure to link back here!

be my light - conversion story link up

on the path - conversion story link up


I’ve recently gotten back into the habit or running fairly regularly. I’m no marathon winning track star or anything, but I really enjoy the freedom of running and the gentle breeze flowing through my hair as I let me legs carry me away. I’ve been carefully assembling a fabulous playlist of songs that just make me want to run, but I’m definitely open to suggestions. What are your favorite songs to work out/run to?


WORTHY GIVEAWAY?! That’s right folks, I’m giving away another copy of Worthy! Why? Because I can (hooray for self-publishing!) Here’s how you win:
I have two favorite chapters in the book. The first person to guess ONE of them will win a signed copy! So, leave a comment below with your guess (I’m making it harder by not giving you the chapter list so…look it up in the book you already own or look it up on Amazon) and don’t forget to include your e-mail in the comment form. I won’t announce my favorite chapters, so once you guess correctly I’ll e-mail you to let you know that you’ve won!*

*Friends of mine who already know the correct answer(s) are automatically disqualified. Advanced knowledge is cheating this time around!


Song of the week is…Falling In Love by Ben Rector. Really, anything by Ben Rector. His sound is so sweet, natural, and genuine. I can hardly wait until the 20th for his next album! Enjoy this little acoustic snippet of one of his songs!


Year of Faith hat-tip this week goes to…Matthew 7:1-2. Man-oh-man do I need to plaster this…everywhere. Tattoo it to my face.

“Stop judging, that you may not be judged. For as you judge, so will you be judged, and the measure with which you measure will be measured out to you.”
Chew on that!

Until next time 😉

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