quick takes: award winning Edition!

Quick Takes{One}

Remember when I was first nominated for the Liebster? And then when it made its way back to my blog twice in the same week? It is back again! This time the wonderful Nancy over at Joy Alive nominated me for it! At this point it feels a bit like playing telephone because the rules change just a bit every time I get the award. Nonetheless, the rules this time are to list seven things about you/that inspire you/favorite things, and then nominate up to 15 inspiring bloggers. Here goes nothing:
1. My friends like to say that I have CDO, it is like OCD, except that the letters are in alphabetical order, as they should be. This is especially true when writing/editing/formatting your own book.
2. I have a skin allergy to grass and I break out in hives when I roll around in it. And yet I play golf.
3. I recently made a deal with someone that I would teach them to play the violin if they taught me how to speak Spanish.
4. I’ve been listening to the new album from The Band Perry on repeat all week
5. I am honestly amazed at how much patience God is giving me as the release date nears for the book.
6. I have never been stung by a bee or any other stinging creature.
7. I love the number 7, it is the Biblical number of perfection!

Bloggers I’m nominating (in no particular order):
Raquel @ Story of a Rose (my number 1 blog crush!)
Trista @ Not A Minx
Cindy @ The Veil of Chastity
Morgan @ Follow and Believe
Liesl @ Spiritual Workout Blog (I’m itching for a new post, girl!)
Kim & Raleigh @ RKE Café (The baby pictures!!!)
Kassie @ Kassie.
Lisa & Josh @ The Applegates (because I just can’t get through one of their posts without tearing up!)
Theresa @ The Brez Blog


That was a long number one! Let’s see if I can keep the rest short-ish…the book release is two and a half weeks away, y’all!!!!!

I’m going to burst! The preview copy should arrive TODAY arrived YESTERDAY (a day early!), only a *few* very, very minor changes and then it will officially be approved for publication!

Also, be sure to like the Facebook page to get all of the latest info…and hear about your next chances to win a free copy of Worthy! There are giveaways coming up SOON!


Speaking of the Holy Spirit…Confirmation last weekend was beautiful! It is such a blessing to be a part of Confirmation ceremonies. This was my fifth ceremony as a youth minister and I have yet to make it through one without getting a little misty-eyed! I love Sacraments =)


For most folks I know, spring is the busiest time of year. It fills up with Confirmation ceremonies, graduations and parties, book releases (just me?), and the general desire to be outside. How do y’all deal with the stress of spring? Or really, how do you deal with stress?


Wednesday’s post, “just don’t say it: break Ups” got a LOT of traffic! I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a new series along the lines of what to say/what not to say in certain situations. What do y’all think? Any situations you’d like to see me write about?


This week’s song of the week is brought to you by…The Band Perry (which should not be a surprise if you read the first quick take!)!


This week I’m all about this verse from Matthew’s Gospel: “Can any of you by worrying add a single moment to your life-span?” (6:27) So easy to forget! I think we become too focused on or consumed by worry that we actually miss the beauty of the present moment. Enjoy the moments before you!

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