our love Story {boy meets girl...sort of}.

our love storyIn honor of the month of our engagement (it has been a year already?!) and inspired by Olivia (who, in my head, I call Liv because I'm obsessed with her blog and feel like I actually know her) over at To The Heights, I've decided to sit down and write out the longer version of our love story. Shorter versions - in case you aren't in the mood for my ramblings - can be found here and here. It was September 14th, 2011. I had to look up the date because the memories seem a bit foggy now. After four months of unemployment (a.k.a. Worst Job Known To Man was over because I quit without anything else lined up and moved back in with my parents) I finally found a part time youth ministry job at a parish 25 miles away from where I lived. The commute was pretty awful, but a job is a job, and when you are living in your parents basement and living off your savings, you take a job using your degree because that's just how life goes. In any event, I reported to work for my second day on the job and was just getting acquainted with the parish and my responsibilities. One of my coworkers, who had graduated from the same high school I had (just a few years apart, we told people), invited me to a luncheon with the staff of the school that was attached to the parish we were working at. We made our way down to the school/parish cafeteria and there were about a zillion people there. I remember meeting the Dominican nuns and seeing about a billion other women there, and only one guy. It figures that it'd be nearly all women - we are talking about 40 women and one male (plus the parish priest and deacon, so three males) - but I was excited to see people my age since the parish staff was all older than me by at least 20 years. I met a ton of people and sat down for lunch and talked to a few people. I vaguely recall that the gent sat next to me, but I hardly noticed because (1) I was in a relationship at the time that was going very well and (2) I was so gosh darn excited to meet new Catholic women who were my age and actually cared about the Faith. Anthony, that cute gent sitting next to me and the only available male in the room, actually noticed me. And ignored me. On purpose. He thought I was attractive (!!!) but was tired of women and all our games and all the times he'd ended up hurt, so he refused to talk to me. Not even so much as a hello. (I guess he thought he'd show me? Or my gender? I don't know. Either way I think he lost that battle, but I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I?) I'm not even sure anyone introduced us. Instead I talked over and around him, that strangely quiet guy sitting next to me. And that was that. Or so I thought. {Wednesdays until I finish the love story - at least up through our engagement - will be devoted to our love story. Come back for each thrilling installment!}
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