and we're having a Baby...


Oh, were you waiting for a gender reveal? Have you been checking the blog frantically because you know we found out a week ago and I haven't bothered to update the blog yet?! I'm sure that's not true of anyone out there, but a blogger can dream, right? Right. In any's how the ultrasound went down: We sat in the waiting room for what seemed like forever. We finally got to go back to the bathroom (who put the scale in there?!) where they weighed me (we have a different office for ultrasounds than my OB/GYN/regular doctor), which they've never done before. I think I've put on around 14 lbs since I got pregnant, but I'm not 100% sure. The docs have yet to tell me to put on more/less weight, so I'm just chilling. And enjoying chocolate ice cream. We went back to the ultrasound room and chatted. The tech exposed ye olde baby bump and lopped on a healthy dose of ye freezing ultrasound goop. Perhaps that's what drove my baby to hide! She turned off the lights, fired up the ultrasound machine and rubbed in all the freezing goop all over my belly. Slowly our baby started to come into view. She (the ultrasound tech) showed us different parts. One of the first things we got to see was a 3-D rendering of our baby's spine and hands. It was SO cool to see all of those little bones (and then I had a moment where I remembered that all of those bones have to come OUT of me, but the freak out only lasted a second). She (the tech) began taking different measurements and telling us what she was looking at. We got to see our baby's cute little feet. We tried to see the baby's face, but the baby was burrowing in my pelvic bone AND hiding his/her face behind his/her hands. We got almost no good facial shots because the little one was hiding most of the time, no matter what the tech did (I blame the frigid goop). At last the tech pulled up the leg shot. I figured out the gender pretty quickly based on what was/wasn't on the screen. The tech scrolled through the labeling options on the side bar and selected "IT IS A GIRL"...and Anthony was still quiet. Finally, the tech announced it out loud and Anthony and I both rejoiced (and our guesses were right all along!). We've had her name picked out since before we got married, but we'll keep it a secret until she is born. Her due date (the baby, not the tech) is still March 24, 2015. I also love that (1) the tech said our baby has long legs - like Momma! and (2) that our little girl was burrowing her head so she could stretch out her legs - also like Momma! and and (3) that at the first ultrasound she (the baby, not the tech) was waving with her left hand - like Momma! I'm already one proud Momma! :) 2014-11-03 20.04.04
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