on my Way.

What on earth is going on with me lately? I feel like every post I write lately is about either the single life or dating and relationships. Maybe it is because it is February and the Valentine’s Day madness has turned my mind to a goopy, girly mush, or maybe God is up to something. Who knows. Either way, I’ll keep writing about whatever He puts on my heart.

Today you get to hear the song that I simply can’t get out of my head. I mentioned it a few weeks ago in my Friday “Quick Takes“. When I posted it I thought it was a nice song with some amazing voices. Then I listened, and I mean really listened, to the lyrics. Watch the video below and get sucked in.

The whole idea of being “on my way” is ridiculously appealing. It is a journey towards love, isn’t it? It isn’t as though I simply sit in one place, not moving, not growing, not living life while I wait for my knight in shining armor to show up.

The way the whole band just sings the song is enough to melt a heart; many, many hearts, in fact. He wasn’t there when we took our first breath. He wasn’t there when we learned to walk, but this whole time he has been and is on his way. A tear formed in his eye at our first kiss? And oh how we wish we could only have kissed him, our one true love! Just close your eyes and see…he is on his way. But more importantly, God is at work!

So leave a space deep inside for everything I’ll miss…” is one of those lyrics that just tugs at my heart strings every time I hear it. Isn’t that what guarding our hearts is all about? We leave space deep inside for the one that God has made for us. Sure, there are things our future spouse will miss, but the telling and re-telling of stories is what bonds us together.

Come alive in all you’ve found, all you’re meant to be…” don’t just sit around waiting for Mr. Wonderful to plop into your life. Come alive in all you’ve found, come alive where you are, come alive in all that God is calling to you. As St. Iranaeus said, “The glory of God is man, fully alive.”

Don’t believe it is all in vain, your future spouse is on their way. Just remember, he’ll be there the moment you come out in white. He is on his way. There is hope.

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