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You may just get a few more posts out of me than expected before little Monkey is born. The thoughts keep rolling around in my head and writing them out helps me make sense of it all, and remember the journey! I'm 19 days away from the due date now, and at the rate I'm writing at, there may be a few pregnancy posts that actually get posted after Monkey is born. We shall see. :) Lately, my list of places that I so don't want to go into labor at is growing. I know that I can't pick when or where it will happen, but having an idea and a list gives me some semblance of control, even if I don't have any control at all. At Work on a Wednesday Night Wednesday nights are basically family nights at work. Literally every classroom, hallway and nook and cranny of this building (which most people think is a school, to give you an idea of the size of it) is filled with people. In just my department, we've got RCIC, RCIT, and RCIA classes, plus Faith Formation classes (10 of them). Then there's the adult class in the main church, plus 6th grade youth group and a separate 7th/8th grade youth group. There are literally hundreds of people here and I'm in charge of a good chunk of those programs. I keep having this premonition/nightmare/whatever you want to call it, that my water will break in a mad gush in the middle of the hallway while I've got a line of parents waiting to talk to me. Why would that be so awful? I just don't want the fuss of people worrying about me. Instead, I'll waddle away with a trail behind me, call my parents, and hide in my office until they can take me to the hospital. Also, sometimes parents aren't always super happy with me/the program/the Church in general, so some of my hallway conversations can get pretty heated. How awkward would it be to have someone ripping into me and then just be like, "Sorry, you've stressed me out so much that I'm now in labor and need to go away, kthxbai." At Mass. For a long time, I thought this would be a good place to go into labor. After all, I could probably suck it up long enough to at least receive communion, and that would be excellent before going into labor. Whether it is daily Mass at work or Sunday Mass wherever, I don't want to go into labor there either. Mass is hard enough these days. Not only have I given up on kneeling, I've also had to let go of genuflecting and most of the standing during Mass as well. I'm basically sitting in the pew because its the only comfortable thing to do without making myself light headed. When you sit the whole time, people tend to worry about you. They mean well, but I really am fine, I just can't stand and sit as fast, plus I get light headed. So to go into labor at Mass doesn't really get me excited - again, I don't want the fuss and the freak out from other people. Those are the big two, but I've got other places I'd hate to go into labor: the grocery store (I want to stock up on food!), in my car during rush hour (I work 27 miles away from where I live), or at a function for my husband's work/at his work. Again, I know I don't get to pick, but it seems I'm more focused lately on where not to go into labor than much of anything else. The labor I can handle, but the initial, "OMG THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING AND THERE IS A BABY WORKING HER WAY OUT OF MY BODY" I'd rather not share with a zillion other people who will (or could) freak out more than I will. Time will tell, but I hope in the end that it is a funny story I'll one day be able to share with my daughter.

What about you Mamas out there, where were you when you went into labor? Was it someplace you never wanted to be?

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