not alone: who are You?

not alone: who are You?

not alone seriesThis week’s prompt: Who are you right now as a young, single woman? We place so much of our identity in other people, in their reactions and responses to us, in whether they take the time to text us or like our status on Facebook. We desire approval more today than ever, and we seek it constantly. So what happens when you’re removed from the reactions of other people and you’re left sitting alone on a bench by the bay with no reaction or encounter except those from God?

Funny thing, I just spent a week on vacation and had the chance for a lot of alone time (my inner introvert was VERY happy!) for reflection. There were even times I sat alone on a bench on a river front or walking along a beach. As I celebrated another birthday I reflected a fair amount on who I am and where on earth I think I’m going in the next year of my life. Who am I? What have I learned? Where do I want to go? All questions that God gave me a chance to think about, and hear His answer to.

Who am I, right now, as a young single woman? Easy answers? I’m Catholic. I’m a youth minister. I’m an author. I’m a blogger (clearly). I’m a melancholic. I’m a daughter, a friend, a sister, a cousin, a niece, and I’m someone’s future spouse. But most importantly? I’m a daughter of God.

Sure, I’m all of those things I just listed, and each one of those defines who I am, but most importantly I am His. I am whatever it is He is making me into, and my awareness of just what He is making me into changes like the tides. Some days I think I know just where He is leading me, other times I’m looking for the lighthouse to point me to the shore (that reference was just for you, Mom!). When the waves come crashing in, I know that who I am is wrapped up in who He is. Everything I long to be is everything He already is. Each day of my life is meant to be a lesson in imitating His perfect love, in making His Kingdom come, and in being perfect, just as He is. We place a lot of our identity in other people’s reactions to us, but what is most important is God’s reaction to us. Are we doing something that pleases Him and brings Him glory?

Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love reading people’s reactions to my book, but at the end of the day, their reactions are not why I wrote it. I wrote it because as much as Worthy is my story, it is the story of every girl struggling to find her worth and to believe, in the very depths of her heart, that she is worthy. I wrote the book because I undeniably felt God calling me to it, leading me to it, and inspiring my words all the while.

When I’m alone with God – apart from the retweets, Facebook statuses, and Instagram likes – I find out exactly who I am: His. So who am I? I am His daughter. I am seen. I am sought after. I am pursued. I am worthy – worthy of His love, worthy of His life, and worthy (by grace) of someday joining Him in heaven.

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