never Single.

holding handsI’ve written about this topic before, but I just keep coming back to it lately. Every darn time I look at my profile on Facebook it asks me what my relationship status is. If Facebook could describe my relationship status I’d happily select one of their options. The only problem is that my relationship status doesn’t fit into one of their nice little options.

There are days that I’m tempted to simply say that I’m in a relationship and leave it at that. But that really doesn’t get the point across (does Facebook ever really get the point across?).

The truth is that I am in a relationship. I’m in the best relationship of my life. I’m in a relationship with the love of my life. I’m in a relationship with a man I will one day marry, God willing.

Oh…wait. Did you think I was talking about a fully human, not fully divine person? My bad.

I am in a relationship with the love of my life, Jesus Christ. It might sound corny (which is perhaps why Facebook doesn’t give me the option to say so) but truer words could not be written. I’m in the best relationship of my life. He changes my life each and every day. I wake up happy to know Him, happy to love Him, and incredibly blessed and humbled to be loved by Him. When I say I will marry Him some day, I’m talking about Heaven, folks. Whether or not He calls me to religious life is an entirely different (and long) story.

Do I get to cuddle with Jesus while watching a chick flick? Can I walk down the street and hold Jesus’ hand while passers-by remark what a cute couple we make? Not so much. But at any given moment I know that He is with me. I never have to doubt that He loves me, and if, for even a second I doubt that, the proof is on the crucifix that daily hangs around my neck. Whether I feel Him or not, I know that He is holding me. I know He is holding my hand, guiding me through life.

For all of the times I’ve been on dates or in relationships and felt the pang of insecurity, I rejoice in knowing that there is no insecurity with Jesus. He never gives me reason to wonder, “Does He really love me? Why isn’t He calling me back? Is there some other girl?” Nope. Simply doesn’t happen. He is mine and I am His. When He says forever, I know He means it. When He says He loves me unconditionally, I know He means it. When He says that He would die for me, I know that He already has and would do so again. He showers me with more love than I even realize, and no matter what I do, His love remains as constant and true as it ever was, and always will be.

Am I single? Never have been, and never will be. I’m passionately and madly in love with the God who created me, and each breath He gives me is a chance to fall more in love with Him.

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