my attire on Sunday (vol. 7)

What I Wore Sunday

Welcome to the What I Wore Sunday PLUS What I Wore on Christmas Edition of this series!

First, Christmas Eve. The first outfit is what I wore to play at the 5p.m. Mass before the snow and freezing temperatures hit.

Dress – Ross ($8), It has fun sparkly shoulders and is super comfy!
Sparkly belt: Came with the shirt that I wore here!
Shoes: Payless

WIWSFCAn AWESOME French twist, if I do say so myself, complete with little jewel diamond-y things! Also, photographing the back of your head is really hard. Also, you can see the sparkly shoulders with this shot! I’m so excited that my hair is finally long enough to pull of a french twist!

Then it was off to family stuff at which point I was covered in cat hair (which I am ridiculously allergic to) and had to come home and had about 20 minutes to rid myself of cat hair and get ready for midnight Mass. And it had started snowing (White Christmas!)! So, here’s what happened for midnight Mass, in which I got to be a Eucharistic Minister:

WIWSFCThese deets:
Calvin Klein dress (by way of Ross): $25 (it is a lovely shade of gray, not that you can tell this by this picture…)
White shawl: Ross ($8)
Necklace: Walmart ($7?)
Anyway, the dress is kind of like this one, but no slit up the side and the top part is a little different, but you get the idea. Really comfy, and at $25 that dress was a steal.

And that brings us to this Sunday…and still within the Octave of Christmas, so I’m even liturgically matchy still!


Those boots with the super high heel + leggings make me look ridiculously leggy!

Those boots with the super high heel + leggings make me look ridiculously leggy!

The deets:
Dress: Either Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe. I bought it for my 21st birthday, it is a fun and shiny pearly off-white color!
Shrug: Burlington Coat Factory (in Burlington, NC) – $10
Leggings: Target ($8)
Boots: JCPenney ($15, clearance from $100!)

WIWS7.1My awesome earrings, compliments of my brother for Christmas!

I just love getting dressed up sometimes! Be sure to check out Fine Linen & Purple for more lovely and handsome Mass outfits!

And just for Tracy…

Oh no, I'm falling down the stairs!!

Oh no, I’m falling down the stairs!!

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