my attire on Sunday (vol. 11)

What I Wore SundayIt is that time again!

Sometimes I’d like to have a brilliant write up or reflection for you, but some weeks I’ve got nothing. My brain power goes into my other posts in the week so Sunday you get left with pictures. Which is probably fine, since, if you are like me, sometimes you just scroll to see the pictures. I totally understand. You probably wouldn’t even notice if I dropped a random phrase like space burrito in the middle of a sentence. If you happened to notice that bit of randomness from yours truly, leave me a lovely comment about it and I’ll tell you the story behind that phrase. But since you’ve read all this clutter, I might as well get to the outfit:


Top: Ross, $8 (I need red to wear to Confirmation ceremonies and other times when I am liturgically matchy, i.e. Pentecost, Palm Sunday, etc.)
Skirt: Kohls, $14 years and years ago. Not sure if you can tell but it is actually gray with some light pin-striping and I love it. So comfy and dressy all at the same time!
Red heels: Shoe Carnival, $5. Yes, that is right, five dollars. Every girl needs at least one pair of red high heels. (Just ask Kellie Pickler!)

The shoes and the skirt

The shoes and the skirt (the lighting is weird in this shot, but the shoes are fire engine red!)

So, that’s all for today! Be sure to come back tomorrow when I join up (once again) with the Marian Mondays link up and tackle the fourth sorrowful mystery!

Be sure to check out the other ladies (and lads?) at Fine Linen and Purple for more Mass outfits!

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