my attire on Sunday (vol.10)

What I Wore SundayI find it hard to believe that I’ve been participating in this link up for two and a half months already!

Ordinary Time has officially returned, and, for once, I’m still liturgically matchy! I bought this dress on my trip to see the cathedral in Cheyenne, Wyoming and if I could wear it all the time, I just might! It is really comfy, and I love the green – which is rare. When I went to the St. Patty’s Day parade in Savannah, Georgia I had to buy a green shirt to wear or else I would have looked like a complete idiot. In any event, this is the only dress I own with any amount of green on it, so I figured I would don it for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (the first week was actually last week, but it is eclipsed by the Baptism of the Lord). Now that we’ve gone through my theological nerdy moment for the day…I give you the outfit:


The deets:
Dress: Ross, $13
Leggings: Target, $8 (I feel like I wear them practically every Sunday, and yes, they do get washed)
Shoes: Awesome boots from JCPenney, $15 (clearance, originally $100)

I am a giant goof ball.

I am a giant goof ball.

And wasn’t the line from the Responsorial Psalm today just perfect, “Worship the Lord in holy attire” –Psalm 96. The readings from today were just so wonderful – and thanks be to God for the urging to read them a day in advance, it made hearing them at Mass that much sweeter!

Be sure to check out Fine Linen & Purple for even more modest Mass outfits!

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