my attire on Sunday (the last one...)

What I Wore Sunday

The last one?! Yes, the last one. As I mentioned in Friday’s Quick Takes, I’ll be giving up the WIWS link-up for Lent. While it has been fun, I fear that it may be turning more into my own vanity (and late nights spend wondering what outfit to wow y’all with) rather than actually preparing myself for Mass. After Lent we shall see what happens, but for the duration of Lent I’ll be giving up the link-up. That also means that I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out today’s outfit…which would have been A LOT easier had I not gashed my toe open yesterday. It was a ridiculous ordeal and the darn thing took over an hour to stop bleeding all over the place. Given my dislike of blood, I feared re-gashing my toe open, and thus had to avoid heels of all kinds. So, here is my last outfit for now (don’t worry, my toe is covered in all the photos):

This is what happens when your father is making faces at you while you are taking your picture...

This is what happens when your father is making faces at you while you are taking your picture…

The deets:
Gray sweater: An awesome store in Wyoming that I can’t remember the name of, $7
Teal cami: Kohl’s, $6
Skirt: Target, clearance, $10
Shoes: The same flat boots I’ve worn…a lot. I made faces back at my father.

…so I made faces back at my father.

I needed a long skirt to cover up the fact that I was wearing flats, not to mention the fact that the high isn’t above freezing here. I’m annoyingly stubborn when it comes to wearing skirts and dresses to Mass. It is quite rare that you’ll find me in pants for a Sunday Mass. I don’t think there is anything at all wrong with wearing pants to Mass (especially if you are, you know, a guy), but I find joy in looking girly for my main man Jesus!

my sweet earrings from...some cool place that I can't remember!

my sweet earrings from…some cool place that I can’t remember!

Also, in case you missed it, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a hangout with three other Ignitum Today columnists on Friday night. We spent some amazing time talking about the New Evangelization and how to engage in it. We had a blast and had some truly awesome discussion! Be sure to check out the video below, or at least save it forever because it is full of awesome tidbits like Ed‘s quote, “When I eat a hot dog, I don’t want to become a hot dog.” Among other brilliant thoughts!

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