looking back and looking Forward {2014 in review}.

How is it time for the last new post of 2014? How is it that I have an entire year of life and blog posts to review? And how on earth am I supposed to pick my favorites from a year that was full of SO MUCH STUFF?! Do it by picking my favorite post from each month? Favorite by theme? I can't choose, so you get a random smattering of the best stuff of 2014, followed by some closing thoughts on the year and what's to come in 2015 (other than a sweet BABY GIRL!). Enjoy! And may you all have a joyous and safe ringing in of the new year :) Favorite (Mini) Series This. (Our Love Story) And this. (Our Wedding Day) What a sinner. (The Act of Contrition) Favorite Life Changing Post Way too easy to pick. Other Random Favorites Spilling the beans (about all the posts that were 'secretly' about Anthony). Mommy and Daddy. those that came Before. (The gents who came and left) Why Can't We Be Friends? (Single, Engaged, Married) The Gut-Wrenching One. The Giggles. (Married life, yo.) On saying thanks. (Mommas in church) 124 new posts for the year. 1 new husband. 1 new baby on the way. More memories than words or blogs can convey. I'd say it has been a pretty good year.

What have your favorites been (here or on other blogs)? What are you most looking forward to in 2015? HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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