let him serve You.

My husband - much like his father - gets things done on his own time schedule. If I ask him to fold the laundry or wash the dishes, he will do it, but perhaps not in the time frame I would desire. In certain instances this has been a struggle in our marriage because I end up doing the task myself because I just want it done. Even as I type there's a basket of laundry waiting to be folded and it is taking some restraint to blog rather than fold said laundry. What I've learned in the last few months is that, even if it isn't necessarily on my time frame, it is important to let him serve me. If I've asked him to do something, or if he's offered to help, I need to let him do just that. Jumping in and doing the task myself gets it done, but it robs him of the chance to serve, to pitch in, and to love me. When I jump in and take care of whatever chore or task it may be, I am essentially telling him that I don't need him, I can do it myself. Rather than be patient with him, I tell him by my actions that my way is better and that I just couldn't wait for him. Isn't this how we get with God, too? Rather than wait for His timing, even if it isn't our own, we start doing things ourselves. I'm not advocating being a bump on a log waiting for God to act in your life, but I am advocating for greater patience with God. In college I started dating primarily because I believed I was in the "prime" of my dating years and I'd be missing out if I didn't start dating. Rather than wait on God's timing, I dated a few lads who were...less than stellar. What my actions told God was that He wasn't worth waiting on and that His plan couldn't possibly be as brilliant as what was before me. However, when it comes to both marriage and God, what I've found is that the wait is worth it. With God, the waiting brought me Anthony, a husband I love and cherish spending time with. With regards to Anthony, waiting brings me a clean kitchen and laundry I didn't have to fold (for the record, it is still sitting there - I haven't touched it!), among other great things. Often times it is tempting to take control of whatever situation we are faced with, but there is beauty in waiting. It can be freeing to let someone else take control and lead the way, whether it is your husband or God. Whether it is God, your husband, or someone else in your life making you promises, give them a chance to live up to them before you jump in and steal their opportunity to love you through service. The wait, no doubt, can be difficult, but I am a firm believer that the wait is worth it - and you may just learn a little more patience along the way! p.s. Speaking of service - my fabulous husband and I are working on the blog, so if, for some reason it goes down or there are some glitches this week and next, know that we are hard at work and will be back soon!
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