lacking in Character.

Few are the times on this old blog of mine that I've gotten political. I am far from a political junkie, much less a political blogger, but when it comes to Donald Trump, I'm still flat out baffled that he's made it this far in the race for the Republican nomination. No person is perfect, God knows we are all sinners, but what amazes me most about Donald Trump is how lacking in character he is. How can we, as a nation, seriously consider nominating someone for President, someone who will lead this country, when he lacks character as a person, much less a leader? The following list comes from a post on Facebook from the brilliant Leila over at Little Catholic Bubble - it so brilliantly sums up how much character Trump lacks. 1. Trump is humble, and he’s not too proud to admit it. 2. Trump is faithful. He has never cheated on himself.
3. Trump can’t be bought. Money and power clearly have no allure for him. 4. Trump is very talented at everything. Hugely talented and bigly educated. 5. Trump likes God. They have a lot in common. They are both huge and great. Also, neither of them have ever done anything that requires forgiveness. 6. Trump is open and honest. He doesn’t hide the fact that he has cheated on his wives. 7. Trump is a good businessman. For example, including strip clubs in his casinos illustrates how a business owner can upsell by offering complimentary goods. 8. Trump is inclusive and compassionate. He gave jobs to many illegal aliens. 9. Trump has many helpful international connections. One of the high profile connections is Dennis Rodman, who was both a contestant on The Apprentice, and also close friends with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. 10. Trump does not discriminate. He will give money to any party or candidate that might prove advantageous to his bottom line. 11. Trump is principled. His main principle is that everything is negotiable. 12. Trump is not part of the “establishment” or the “elite.” He is just like all of us regular people who inherited millions from our fathers. Who he is, and who he will be, as a man before God, that is a person I have no room to judge. However, when it comes to Trump's skills and qualifications to lead our once great country, that I will assess. Of course no politician is perfect, but Trump seems to be the most blatant example of someone lacking character - with the multiple wives, marital infidelity, vulgar language toward women (or should I say his use of women for his own personal pleasure?), and more - and yet thinking themselves worthy to lead the country. In a sense it feels like the Israelites who begged God for a king and then wanted to choose one for themselves. Who did they get? Saul, arguably one of the worst kings in biblical history. Eventually the people begged God for a righteous king. We have come to a place where we are begging for a king and we want to pick him ourselves, even if it is to our own detriment. Let's save ourselves a proverbial Saul and tell Trump to go back to his tower and chill.
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