it is finally Here! {new logo!}

ahem cue the best accent you can muster... She sure is pretty, ain't she? I love it. I started doodling out the AGAPE inside a heart this summer for some imaginary tattoo I'll probably never get (I can birth babies sans meds just fine, no needles necessary. I loathe them.), and from those doodles you see the new logo for the blog. A Bit About The Design Mama Mary has been working on my heart and loving me in the most amazing ways this past year, so I wanted the blog logo (and what I write about) to reflect Mama Mary. Along those lines, the heart has roses next to it - roses remain a constant for the blog, more about that in a moment - and flames on the top, both as a nod to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. My home parish, the church I got married at, the last full-time job I had were all at Immaculate Heart of Mary parish. Really, her immaculate heart has been watching over me most of my life. The roses Ever since the inception of this blog, roses have been around. St. Thérèse is one of my all time favorite intercessors, so much so that our eldest daughter bears her name. My love of and for roses is well documented. Their different colors and meanings have played into so many of my life's biggest moments. Roses were the main image on the first edition of my book, and were the focal point of the cover re-design for the re-release of my book last year two years ago (time flies!). Rest assured, roses won't be disappearing anytime soon - they simply mean too much to me. It is clean No real frill, just simple and clean. You are worthy of Agape - of the unconditional love of God, of the the heart of Mary that burns with love for you. Everything in this life - yes, everything - draws us to His love, and the new logo reflects exactly that. Your eyes can't help but be drawn to the red, burning heart, bursting with Agage love. Oh, and speaking of the Agape: notice how the second 'A' and the 'P' overlap to form an 'X' on the leg of the P? The idea behind it is to form "Chi Rho", an early symbol for Christians. "Chi" (X) and "Rho" (P) are the first two Greek letters of Christ's name, thus reminding us that Christ is always in Mary's Immaculate Heart. Christ's love is agape love personified - love that gives, but doesn't count the cost, love that gives without hesitation or reservation. It is all there, all beautifully wrapped up in one gorgeous logo and header. Thank you so much to Gina over at Someday Saints Designs for all of her help with the new header, I couldn't have done it without her. I almost forgot to mention... You can find the beautiful banner here, on the blog. On the new blog-related Instagram account, @youareworthyofAgape

...and on the BRAND NEW ETSY SHOP.

That's right! You'll find me and all of the saint peg dolls I've been painting over on Etsy. I am thrilled to launch my own shop on Etsy and share with you my love of the saints (and blesseds, and venerables, and servants of God), along with their inspirational words, hand-painted on peg dolls. Head on over to check out my ever-growing collection of saints. If you don't see your favorite saint up in the shop yet, let me know, I'm always up for painting new saints and I'll be taking custom orders as well! Let the journey for holiness continue! p.s. If you head on over to Instagram (@youareworthyofagape), there's a giveaway package headed your way, too! I've partnered with some of my favorite creatives for some incredible items you can win!
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