chicken fried Brain.

Here’s the honest-to-goodness truth: My blogging brain is fried. I’ve been trying to fight it and come up with topics to write about. I’ve got a pretty sizable list, and yet I sit down to write them and…blah. Rather than forcing them (and I could almost swear that when you read them you would somehow know that I forced them), I’ll just admit that I have a chicken friend blogging brain. I credit part of this to the book madness (can you believe the release is less than a month away?!). The other part I credit to…the simple fact that sometimes we all just get fried.

So what shall I write about? Lately I feel like I write blogs that are spiritual (which I love), but aren’t really as personal. On the off chance I write about something personal, it is about the book. I also love writing about the Faith in general, especially things that I learn about the Catholic faith that just boggles my mind and totally inspire me (and then I wonder if I’m connected with anyone out there in blog-o-land). Today, in a way, I’ll turn the blogging over to you. Here’s my plan: I have a lot of questions floating around in my brain. Some have answers, some I go back and forth on. But today I’m leaving them to you – answer as many as you choose!

Do you believe in “The One” – the idea that there is only one person for each of us? If so, how do you know?

How do you overcome writers block?

For those of you with blogs, do you ever feel like you are writing and forcing your posts, even though you feel called to write them? Do you ever feel like you are totally disconnected from your audience?

Where is your dream vacation?

Is there a topic you want to see me blog about (I’ll take any and all suggestions at this point, lest there be more scratching brains…)?

How do you grow spiritually, especially if/when you feel exhausted by life?

What is your favorite liturgical season?

Do you think love a choice, a feeling, or some combination of both? Why?

How do you get through those times when you feel like God is just…not around (even if you mentally know that He is)?

Who is your favorite band/artist at the moment?

What are your favorite things to blog about (or read about)?

Do blogs about the faith (i.e. the Mass, or a certain Bible passage, or a Church teaching , or prayer) bore you or excite you?

Serious and not to serious questions. Sorry for the brain fry – pray for me and hopefully I’ll be back soon with some deeper stuff!

And now for your entertainment…more brains!

<—— That is my brain at the moment. Dancing around in a pan? Yup.

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