Worthy: The Book

brand new cover Revealed!

The book is just days away from being re-released and if I find one more teeny tiny issue with it, I might just scream. Anyway, my family and I are on the road to FOCUS training right now (I pre-wrote this post) and I'm not 100% sure what blogging will look like in the coming weeks, but I wanted to share with you all, at long last, the new book cover! Worthy-cover-3-for-web No doubt, a big change from the last cover, but I love this design just as much, if not more, than the original. Here's why: The book is all about hearing God's voice over and above the junk that the world tries to sell us on. The entire first section of the book is devoted to the lies that Satan tries - and often succeeds - at selling us on. The black background, given the world we live in and the attacks from Satan, seemed fitting. It is dark and scary and then, in the midst of the desolation, come these words, these adjectives that the media, our friends, and our family practically scream at us. What are we as women? A myriad of things, some of them good, some of them bad. Then, like He does, God burst through the mess with something beautiful, a rose, to remind us that we are, in fact, WORTHY. Instead of listening to the world, to the media, to the constant barrage of negativity being thrown at us, we are invited to see ourselves as God sees us. (The previous tagline was "See Yourself as God Does" but Anthony suggested that the new wording makes the message clearer and drives the point home even more profoundly.) I think it is awesome, and not just because Anthony and I spent hours on it. I've learned a lot about photoshop in the last few weeks and I am so excited with the final product and I hope you are too. Can't wait for you all to read the new edition of the book!
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