a bit of a teaser for You...

birthday cakeSince today is my birthday and I’m in a gift-giving mood…I’ll let you in on a little secret:

I’m dusting off the book. Motivated by me changing last name, the book needed to be dusted off and changed anyway, so why not make it a slightly bigger project? No official target date for anything official, but my own personal summer project (aside from fixing up our house and making it our home) I’m diving back into the book. And guess what? It feels good. I haven’t actually read it the whole way through since before it was published because I needed a break from reading/editing it again and again and again.

So there you go, my unofficially official birthday teaser related to the book. Who knows, perhaps blogging about it will keep me accountable. Being married to an English teacher sure does! Be on the lookout for more updates (and if there are none, feel free to hound me, call me out on being a lazy slacker ask me how things are going).

Happy summer, y’all! {Regular new blogs (written before the wedding) commence on Monday with new, written after the wedding blogs beginning on July 28th – get excited!}

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