wives tales and Guesses.

Almost immediately after you tell people you are pregnant the next question is, “Are you going to find out?” One of my co-workers asked me, “Are you going to find out what you are?” to which I quickly answered, “I’m a girl.” But yes, we are going to find out the gender in a few short weeks (eek!). I’m 18 weeks tomorrow, so before the big reveal goes down (we’re finding out the gender but keeping the name to ourselves until birth), I figured I’d have a little fun. For your enjoyment – and let’s be honest, mine too – let us evaluate some of the old wives tales about what we’re having. Leave your guesses in the comments!

Wives tale #1: Bread. Apparently if you eat the ends/heels of the bread, it is a boy, if you eat the middle, it’ll be a girl. I’ve never been a fan of the heel of the bread, so that’s one point for girl.

Wives tale #2: Chinese gender calculator. Based on your age at the time of conception and the month you conceived in. My calculations say girl.

Wives tale #3: Mother’s beauty. It is said that little girls ‘steal’ their mother’s beauty during pregnancy, so if you look and/or feel more beautiful, you’re having a boy. My acne definitely flared up a bit more, but on the whole I feel pretty pretty, so I’d call this one point for boy.

Wives tale #4: Clumsy vs. Graceful. Supposedly if you become clumsy, you’re having a boy, but if you are graceful during pregnancy then it is a girl. I’ve actually run into a lot less things, so this one points to girl.

Wives tale #5: Dreams of gender. Basically it is the opposite of whatever you dream. If you dream you are having a girl, it’ll be a boy, if you dream of having a boy, you’ll have a girl. I haven’t had too many gender dreams, but the ones I have are about girls in some cases and boys in other cases so…inconclusive.

Wives tale #6: Side you sleep on. Left-side sleeper? Boy. Right-side sleeper? Girl. I’ve always preferred my right side and still do, so…girl.

Wives tale #7: Morning sickness. If you had little to no morning sickness, a boy is comin’ ’round the bend, so to speak. If you’ve been sick or nauseous, that calls for a girl. I’ve had a few times of being nauseous, but on the whole it hasn’t been bad, which points to boy.

Wives tale #8: Protein. When a pregnant gal craves meat and cheese, bet on a boy. Meats – even the smell of them – makes me nauseous and is one of my only major aversions, so this one points to girl.

Wives tale #9: Baby’s heart rate. If the heart rate is above 140bpm the baby will be a girl, if it is below 140bpm it will be a boy. The first time we got to hear the heart beat, it was a steady 180, and the next time we heard it (ultrasound) it was 150 so…girl.

Wives tale #10: Acne. If you get acne while pregnant, you will have a girl. By my earlier statement, this one also points to girl.

For those of you keeping track at home that is SEVEN points girl and TWO points boy. (One point inconclusive, for those of you math nerds.) What say you, readers? Any wives tales I left out that are sure-fire predictors?

We find out – God willing – on November 3rd, come back sometime that week to find out if you were right or wrong!

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