wintery Activities.

More often than not, I describe myself as an "introverted extrovert". On the spectrum of introvert to extrovert, I fall pretty close to the middle, though I fall on the introverted side of the middle ground. Practically that means that I am a home-body. I can function and get some enjoyment out of large-group activities without being incredibly overwhelmed - so long as I know how long the engagement will last, and that I knew about it in advance. But at the end of the day, I thoroughly enjoy my time at home, unwinding and relaxing, reflecting and rejuvenating. One might think that as a newly-minted WAHM/SAHM, I'd be all giddy about being at home and in the peace and (haha) quiet with my infant daughter. But as it stands, I know that I still crave - and need - social interaction, interaction with the world beyond the walls of our home. So what is a gal to do in these wintery months when the snow covers the streets and the bitter cold winds blow? I've got a few ideas below on keeping your sanity in the winter months, but I'd love to hear yours too! Mountain Drives I'm blessed to live in Colorado with the Rocky Mountains not far from my house. While I don't usually get out of the car with my daughter, its nice to take a drive, drink in the beauty, and afford her a luxurious...nap. :) Local Mall Just because you go to the mall, doesn't mean you have to spend money at the mall. Meet up with a few friends (and strollers when necessary!) and just walk around. Worried about spending money when your budget is tight? Leave your wallet in the car, that way, if you see something you just can't live without, you'll know it because you'll have to trek back out to your car just to purchase it! Thrift Stores Another fun activity (at least for me!) is to meet up with a friend or two and hit up area thrift stores. On occasion you can find really great deals (baby clothes are DIRT cheap and often have store tags still attached), but if nothing else, you can try on - or just laugh at - ridiculous outfits. Ugly Christmas sweater hunting, anyone? Church Groups I'm still working on this one - but connect with other like-minded mothers through church groups. They often have speakers and playdates so that your kids find new friends and so do you! Win-win! Play-dates Connect with other moms, or even friends who need a baby fix. Meet up at each other's houses, indoor play-places (think fast-food restaurants if you want to avoid paying for the play-place), or the local YMCA. Someone else can play with your baby with you close by, you get to talk to adults (yay!), and/or your friend(s) can get a baby-fix, again: win-win! Brave the Cold Depending on where you live, bundle yourself and your kids up and go for a walk. Some cities do a wonderful job of clearing off trails of snow fairly quickly, so you can meet up with neighbors or friends, get your exercise in, your social time in, and get out of the house before cabin fever takes over!

What are your go-to activities for staying sane in the winter months, especially if money is tight?

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