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Whenever I talk to people about the book a few questions keep repeating themselves so I figured I should answer them here so y’all know where I’m at!

When will the book be published?
The truth is that I don’t know. Before it can be published a publisher has to agree to publish it and before that happens I have to actually submit a proposal (a lengthy process in and of itself). After I submit the proposal to a publisher I have to wait 6-8 weeks before an initial response. The amount of time it takes after that to actually see the book through to publication is something determined by the publisher and the amount of editing the book will need. Obviously, the sooner the better in my opinion, but these things take time!

What publisher are you going to use?
At this point I have a list of seven different publishers I am looking at, ranked on a number of factors. I’ve spent many hours researching the publishers, their process of publication and the overall likelihood that they will publish a book like mine. At this point I’m not releasing that list because if one publisher rejects my proposal then I’ll move on to the next one. However, I don’t want to advertise who my first choices are in the event that they don’t like my book, thus hindering my chances with other publishers.

What goes into a proposal?
This answer varies by publisher. Most require some sort of cover letter which typically includes a table of contents of the book, chapter summaries, the unique-ness of my idea, my platform/background, etc. as well as a sample chapter or two (and which ones do I pick?!). Other elements that may or not be required are: a resume, ideas for marketing and promotion, why my book is different/better than similar books on the market and more.

What happens if no one wants to publish your book?
My immediate response to this question: I’ll cry. Let’s be honest, this is a book I have spent more than half a year praying about and working on, and it is a project God has been writing on my heart for years now. Needless to say, this is a book I believe in with all of my heart and soul. If every publisher I have researched rejects my book then I may look at outside publishers and/or self-publishing. I’m not giving up on this book…and I have a wonderful feeling that God isn’t either.

Will you travel and speak to promote the book? Are you available to speak now?
That is all in God’s hands. Certainly this is a message that needs to be shared, otherwise I’d lock the manuscript up in my room and call it good. I’m working on adding a page for speaking information and am happy to speak now, look for the page to go live in a week or so!

And finally…my favorite question:
When the book comes out (already winning points here!), will you autograph my copy?
You bet. I’d love to. Let’s all pray that it gets to that point because God knows I’ll sign as many copies as I can!

Clearly, I’m learning a lot. And I’m sure there will be more questions (I’ve got a TON, trust me) and I’ll do my best to keep you informed, if you have any other questions I haven’t answered here, send them to me and I’ll be happy to answer them! Keep praying for the project, for my determination and for God’s will to be done in all of it. Words can’t describe how invaluable your words, support and most especially prayers are to me and to this book. God is doing something big here, I can just feel it.

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