the Pursuit.

This whole book proposal process is a lot more involved than I originally gave it credit for! While the first draft of the proposal is done, it needs some editing, I’m still waiting for some more feedback/endorsements from those reading the book, among other things. I hit a snag in the proposal writing process that has set me back a bit, but I’m getting on top of it as you read! I would love to set a deadline for myself to submit the proposal but right now that depends heavily on the readers and getting their feedback. That being said, please continue to pray for the readers and their feedback so that the book can move along!

Also, as I re-read the book for what feels like the zillionth time, it is humorous to me to find silly little mistakes like using “four” when I mean “for”. God is certainly keeping me humble – and is making me glad for the people who read the book. I hope they are laughing right along with me!

This week’s quote fits in pretty well with the quote y’all read last week:
“Think of all of your favorite girly movies. Almost every girly movie has a main male character and at some point in the movie, even if it is only for a few scenes, he pursues the woman. Richard Gere rides in a limo and calls out to Julia Roberts as she stands on a balcony in Pretty Woman. Gere rides a FedEx truck as he runs after Julia Roberts when she runs away from their wedding in Runaway Bride. Noah builds Allie her dream house, hoping and praying that she will come home to it someday in The Notebook. Keanu Reeves defies the confines of time when at last he is in the same year and place with Sandra Bullock in The Lake House. Matthew McConaughey fights traffic to stop Kate Hudson from leaving town in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. Name a chick-flick and I can almost guarantee you there is a scene in it with a man riding in on a proverbial (or a real) white horse to woo the woman of his dreams. The same is true for all of the romance novels we read…The guys that don’t pursue the women in movies and books we call pigs, jerks, boys (in the most derogatory voice we can muster), scum bags and a whole host of other nasty terms. We want them to stand up, to notice us, to search for us and to pursue us with passion and purpose.”

So that’s it for today! Enjoy and keep the prayers coming!

What I’m Listening To:
“I Told You So” by Carrie Underwood, featuring Randy Travis
“I Would’ve Loved You Anyway” by Trisha Yearwood
“Pray” by Dierks Bentley
“Better Than A Hallelujah” by Amy Grant

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